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Originally an OEM for brands like Hitachi and Pioneer, Vidikron began producing its own line of video projectors in 1980, and instantly rose to the top of the industry, next to brands such as Runco (now its current owner). Featuring state-of-the-art picture quality along with its trademark stunning cosmetics (featuring some exterior designs by Ferrari designer Pininfarina), Vidikron's products received powerful industry endorsements from film makers such as Martin Scorcese. As the industry moved more towards LCD and DLP designs, as well as flat panel displays, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Vidikron began to fall behind the market, at which point Runco acquired the company. The brand has since rebounded nicely with a complete line of flat panel and front projection products, as well as an acclaimed set of measurement standards.


Today, after the acquisition of Vidikron in the Runco deal by Planar in 2007, Vidikron has been shelved by the parent company to deal with issues relating to the development of the Runco and house brand, Planar.

Compare Vidikron with projector companies like Ampro, Zenith, Runco, and others.

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