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VIZIO Adds HDR10 Support to Select E-Series Displays

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Vizio-E-Series-HDR.jpgVIZIO has announced that select E-Series UHD displays can be upgraded to support playback of the HDR10 High Dynamic Range format. The E-Series is one of VIZIO's more value-oriented UHD lines, and the upgrade applies to six models (all with the -E designation), which range in size from 55 to 70 inches. Owners of these TVs can add HDR10 support by performing the network firmware update, which is available now.

VIZIO, Inc. announced a new firmware update for select VIZIO SmartCast E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display models, enabling HDR10 compatibility with existing HDR Blu-ray players from Samsung (UHD-K8500) and Philips (BDP7501/F7), as well as PS4 and Xbox One S game consoles. VIZIO is continuing to work to further expand support for additional players as they become available in the market. E-Series models receiving the added bonus of HDR10 firmware range from the 55" to 70" class size and are available at retailers nationwide, such as Costco, Sam's Club and Walmart.

The VIZIO SmartCast E-Series collection offers uncompromised value, which is now amplified even more with the added benefit of brilliant HDR picture quality on select models. Combined with a powerful Full-Array LED backlight and up to 12 Active LED Zones that dynamically adjust to onscreen content, HDR10-enabled E-Series Ultra HD models offer viewers even richer black levels, for an enhanced entertainment complete with more vibrant contrast. Clear Action 180 technology and an ultra-fast 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate, achieved with backlight scanning, ensures action-packed scenes are consistently smooth, stable and realistic.

"The E-Series collection already stands out as a feature-rich entry-level option, packed with picture quality benefits typically reserved for higher-priced, more premium collections," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. "By offering the added benefit of HDR10 compatibility on select VIZIO SmartCast E-Series Ultra HD displays, we're giving even more consumers the ability to enjoy the benefits of High Dynamic Range content in their living rooms."

The E-Series Ultra HD lineup joins other award-winning VIZIO collections, including M-Series and P-Series Home Theater Displays, which are both HDR10 compatible, and also offer Dolby Vision content support for a more premium viewing experience. Dolby Vision content delivers dramatic imaging, incredible brightness and contrast and is mastered in Rec 2020, boasting 4000 Nits with the potential to expand even further for more finely tuned dynamic content. M-Series and P-Series consumers can select from a library of over 75 Dolby Vision HDR titles on VUDU, including films like Batman v. Superman, Nice Guys and Keanu.

In addition to Dolby Vision, VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Displays also feature Ultra Color Spectrum, which layers on a wider color gamut, enabling impeccable accuracy in every hue and tone, delivering more realistic colors than ever before. Both the P-Series and M-Series displays feature Full-Array LED backlighting with up to 128 Active LED Zones and up to 64 Active LED Zones, respectively. This feature enables dynamic backlight adjustment to mimic onscreen content, allowing for deeper, richer black levels and more accurate contrast.

To start enjoying HDR discs on supported blu-ray players and game consoles, VIZIO SmartCast E-Series users can enable the HDR10 update by first ensuring their display is connected to the Internet. The display will then automatically search for the new firmware update and then begin downloading to the display. Once the display has been updated, to enable HDR playback from a HDR-enabled UHD Blu-ray player or game console, open the VIZIO SmartCast remote control app, tap "Settings" and press "Inputs" then "HDMI Color Subsampling" and then enable subsampling for the HDMI port the HDR-enabled Blu-ray player is connected to.

For more information on VIZIO SmartCast visit VIZIO.com and for questions about the recent HDR10 update, visit support.vizio.com. E-Series models eligible for the HDR10 firmware update listed below.

VIZIO SmartCast 55" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E55-E1) MSRP $629.99
VIZIO SmartCast 55" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E55-E2) MSRP $629.99
VIZIO SmartCast 60" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E60-E3) MSRP $749.99
VIZIO SmartCast 65" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E65-E0) MSRP $899.99
VIZIO SmartCast 65" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E65-E1) MSRP $899.99
VIZIO SmartCast 70" E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E70-E3) MSRP $1,299.99

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