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Vizio Launches Computer Line

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VIZIO_Computers.jpgThe home computer is becoming more and more important to home entertainment and VIZIO looks to capitalize on this with the recent announcement of the availability of the company's line of personal computers. By combining its entertainment know-how with the power of the latest Intel Core processors, VIZIO intends to set a new standard for the Windows experience. The line consists of the VIZIO Thin + Light, Notebook, and All-in-One PC.

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Calling on its HDTV background, VIZIO developed the PCs with contrast, image quality and viewing angles top of mind, giving PC users an experience that harkens to that of an HDTV. Combined with an NVIDIA Kepler-Class GeForce GPU, the HD display of the VIZIO PCs makes watching movies, gaming and streaming TV shows enjoyable. SRS Premium Sound HD serves as a complement to the image but can also stand alone, allowing music junkies to immerse themselves in custom-tuned audio.

From the die-cast aluminum neck with its hidden hinge, wireless keyboard and wireless touchpad of the All-in-One, to the anodized aluminum unibody construction with precision CNC detailing of the Thin + Light and Notebook, VIZIO took aesthetics into account.

VIZIO and Microsoft worked together to build an optimized system image that includes the Microsoft Signature experience for Windows 7 PCs to deliver a great experience for customers, from out of box to support. Every VIZIO PC also includes Microsoft Security Essentials to help guard against viruses and spyware with no renewal fees and 90 days of Microsoft technical support.

The VIZIO PCs are powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors. The efficient Intel Core processors are capable of handling a multitude of jobs, allowing users to multi-task with ease.

VIZIO All-in-One: Starting at $898 Combining a PC with features similar to a television, the VIZIO All-in-One PC offers a 24" or 27" Full HD 1080p display, included subwoofer for 2.1 surround sound audio with SRS Premium Sound HD and dual HDMI inputs for connecting cable boxes and game consoles.

The wireless keyboard, wireless touchpad with multi-touch gesture support, remote control and subwoofer with integrated power supply makes the VIZIO All-in-One PC a good fixture in a bedroom, design studio, kitchen, dorm or swanky boutique.

Consumers can use the display of their VIZIO All-in-One PC even when the computer is off, plugging in up to two HDMI sources to enjoy cable or satellite programming, gaming and other HD offerings.

VIZIO Notebook: Starting at $898 The VIZIO Notebook delivers a 15.6" Full HD 1080p display, performance-tuned audio with SRS Premium Sound HD and a long-lasting battery.

The machine's slim profile is made possible by an anodized aluminum unibody construction that lends itself to strength and durability, and includes a concealed passive heat venting that pulls in cool air to reduce the need for noisy grills and fans.

VIZIO Thin + Light: Starting at $898 Part of a new class of Ultrabook devices inspired by Intel, the VIZIO Thin + Light is available in a 14" HD+ or 15.6" Full HD display and a thin design made possible by a durable, anodized aluminum unibody construction.

Entertainment enthusiasts will appreciate the HD resolution, stellar picture quality with wider viewing angles and SRS Premium Sound HD of the Thin + Light, allowing users to enjoy their content on-the-go or tap into the full-size HDMI outputs to put entertainment on the big screen.

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