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A high end tube electronics staple since 1989, Luke Manley founded Vacuum Tube Logic as an extension of his family's prolific production of legendary tube products. VTL produces a select line of high-end tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amplifiers, all designed and manufactured in the USA.

Vacuum Tube Logic is one of the most respected brands in all of audiophila and competes directly with the likes of Audio Research, VAC, LAMM and other top tube audiophile brands.

VTL makes everything from Integrated Amps to Stereo Preamps, Stereo Power Amps, Small tube mono blocks, Reference Power amps and more.


Some of their notable products include:
VTL Siegfried 800 Watt Mono Block amps
VTL MB-125 mono blocks
VTL S-400 Stereo Amp
VTL TP2.5 Phono preamp
VTL TL7,5 Series II preamp

Email: mail@vtl.com


4774 Murrieta Street, Unit 10
Chino, CA 91710

(909) 627-5944 - tel
(909) 627-6988 - fax