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Vudu Internet Based Movie Service and Server Reviewed

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3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars

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Vudu.gifEvery now and then a new technology comes along which is truly revolutionary. Fire for example, the wheel, the light bulb, the airplane and most recently the Internet. The Internet ushered in the information era which has created a true paradigm shift in how we shop, communicate, conduct business and entertain ourselves.

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Vudu is a company that looks to push the envelope of Internet based entertainment beyond mere You Tube and JibJab video clips. Their product unites Internet connectivity with your high-def television to offer instant streaming of their 10,000+ movie titles, in full 1080p resolution. The Vudu BX100, or Box for short is their most affordable product and comes with everything the average consumer could ever want for a very reasonable price of $299. It includes the small black box, the most ergonomic remote ever created and all the cables one could possibly need to hook it up.

Connect the box to a broadband Internet connection and your TV, then turn it on. Voila, you are ready to browse more than 10,000 movie and television titles and instantly watch them. Movie rentals range in cost from $0.99 to $3.99 for standard definition movies and from $3.99 to $5.99 for high def versions. Once purchased you can begin watching immediately or wait to watch it later. The rental is good for a full 24 hour period and you can watch it as many times as you wish. If you like you can also purchase the movies which reside permanently on your Vudu box. Keep in mind that there is no contract to sign either. You only pay when you watch a movie. Your account is activated when you go to the Vudu website and enter a credit card number for billing.

Once you are ready to watch a movie you go to the Vudu video store which appears on your television. You can sort their library by latest release, most popular, highest rated, or any number of other metrics which Vudu incorporates to help you find a good movie. If you know exactly what you're after just type in the name and off you go. It's ingeniously simple and powerful.

Once you click play the movie begins instantly. There is no delay, none. I was especially impressed by this considering I was watching a high def presentation. At first I thought that the picture quality must suffer in order to allow for such a quick stream but I was mistaken. It looked, and sounded every bit as good as my Blu-ray player.

This product is an absolute must for all of those who dread the local movie rental store and find it too inconvenient to wait a day for your movie to come in the mail.

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