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Vudu Internet Based Movie Service and Server Reviewed

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HTR Product Rating

3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars
3.5 Stars

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High Points
- This Vudu unit is extremely simple to setup and use. The remote control is completely intuitive so don't even bother reading the instructions as there is no reason to.

- I was amazed at how quickly I could begin watching the movie that I just rented. There is just no way that I should be able to stream a 1080p movie quicker than I can download a .pdf file.

- The user interface was one of the best I have ever seen. It's as if I was walking through a movie store picking up boxes off the self and reading the information on the back. What's best is that everything was in stock and I didn't have to wait in line to check out.

- The picture and sound quality was absolutely first rate. I cannot think of a single aspect in which my Blu-ray player performed better than the Vudu machine.

Low Points
- I would like to be able to access movies that I rented or purchased at different locations. For example if you bought a movie and downloaded it to the Vudu box at your home, then decided you wanted to watch it on the Vudu box at your lake house you would have to either pay for it again or take the box with you. I feel that it should be accessible from any location.

- I once had a frustrating experience with the 24 hour rental policy in that I started watching a movie and had to pause it until I could finish it up the following day. I resumed my viewing the following day only to have it turn off with about 20 minutes left in the movie. Apparently my 24 hour period ran out before I had a chance to finish the movie. I think you should be allowed to finish the movie if it was resumed within the rental period.

This is a fantastic product and one that I did not want to return. It completely changed the way my wife and I watched movies. It easily one of the most convenient devices I have ever used and found myself making more time for movie watching. I can highly recommend the Vudu box to anyone who is a movie buff and values their time enough to avoid the rental store.

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