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Wadia Bought By Fine Sounds Spa

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TWICE.com reports that Fine Sounds Spa, an Italian company that owns Sonus faber and Audio Research, has added Wadia Digital to their line up of brands. Fine Sounds called this a "strategy of becoming a leading mult-brand player in the two-channel high-end audio sector."

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Wadia's end of the acquisition is a positive one. The company plans to use the resources of Fine Sounds to further product development and its Series 1 line of products, which currently consists of a small iPod dock, an iPad/iPod/iPhone dock, and an integrated amp that turns the docks into a desktop audio system when connected.

Also positive to report is that Wadia has no plans for staff or distribution changes with this acquisition.

Fine Sounds Spa is owned by a Milan-based private equity fund, Quadrivio. With the acquisition of Wadia, Fine Sound's revenue is more than $30 million. Quadrivio current manages funds that total more than $300 million dollars in value.

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