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What AV Goodies the HTR Writers Have On Their Wish Lists

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Audreal-PA20.jpgTerry London picks:
The Audreal P-20 Solid-State Class A Amplifier

"I would put on my holiday wish list the Audreal P-20 solid-state Class A amplifier, which retails for $1,800. It is beautifully built and looks sexy with its pair of blue lighted watts/dB meters on the front. Sonically, the P-20 competes with amps that cost up to $5,000. Finally, it has six dB of headroom and has easily driven any speaker I have in the house with great finesse."

Steven Stone picks:
Bryaston-225.jpgThe Bryston BHA-1 Headphone Amplifier

"Of all the headphone amplifiers I've heard and seen, the Bryston BHA-1 is the most flexible, with its two gain settings and ability to accept single-ended and balanced [both mini and standard] headphone connections. It can also serve as an analog preamp. Along with superb flexibility, the BHA-1 also sounds excellent with a wide variety of headphones, from high-sensitivity in-ears to the Audeze LCD-2s and 600-ohm Beyer-dynamic DT-990s."

Panny-ZT-225.jpgAlexander Lezcano picks:
The Panasonic TC-P65ZT60 Plasma HDTV

"I would most like to receive Panasonic's TC-P65ZT60, because the company will no longer be making plasmas come year's end. I love plasma picture quality, and the ZT60 is the best of the best."

Brian Kahn picks:
The Marantz NA-11S1 Network Audio Player and DAC


"Marantz's $3,499 NA-11S1 is like the Swiss army knife of digital products. It hits a great sweet spot in its list of features, from its DAC capabilities to its network audio streaming to its built-in AirPlay to its access to Pandora, Spotify, Sirius/XM, and Internet radio. It's not a perfect product - I wish it offered AIFF support and the ability to stream DSD files over the network - but it's fully featured and boasts very good sound quality. It would make a great addition to my AV setup, and my full review is coming soon."

What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree? Post your vote below. We want to hear from you!

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