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Wireworld Releases Reference USB Audio Cables

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Wireworld Cable Technology is expanding their existing offerings of USB Audio cables with two new high end models, Platinum Starlight USB and Silver Starlight USB. Both cables feature Wireworld's proprietary DNA Helix conductor geometry and custom engineered carbon fiber and aluminum connectors.

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Wireworld's DNA Helix design uses six signal conductors, which is reportedly twice as many as other USB cables, arranged in a symmetrical geometry that is said to provide balanced 90-ohm impedance. Wireworld claims this design maximizes transmission speed while minimizing noise, which in turn reduces digital jitter. Another feature of the cables is a power conductor that has been fully isolated from the signal conductors with the intention of preserving signal purity.

Featuring molded carbon fiber connectors and solid silver conductors, Platinum Starlight USB has a price of $599 for one meter. Silver Starlight USB's aluminum connectors and silver-clad OFC conductors are set at a $299 price for one meter.

Both cables will be available in January 2011 in lengths from 1 foot to 10 meters.

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