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Wisdom Audio Announces New Insight Series In-Wall Loudspeakers

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Wisdom_Audio_Insight_in-wall_Models.jpgWisdom Audio just announced the pricing and availability information for the new Insight Series high-performance in-wall loudspeakers, bringing key core technologies and performance characteristics from the brand's Sage Series to more accessible price points.

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"We are excited to announce the pricing and shipping plans for the Insight Series in-wall models to our distribution channel. After our Insight Series demonstrations at CES, many of partners have been looking forward to offering a wider range of Wisdom Audio products to their customers," said Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio President. "Our partners have been asking us to address the needs of their broader client bases, while maintaining our commitment to employ the superior performance of planar magnetic transducers. As the leader in high-performance architectural speakers, Wisdom Audio will never compete at the lowest price levels in the market, but the performance our engineering team has been able to provide at competitive price points is truly amazing and needs to be heard."

The Insight Series models incorporate both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers. Unlike other Wisdom Audio speakers, the Insight Series utilizes traditional passive crossovers to allow use with a single amplifier channel per speaker. Four in-wall models will be offered in May/June 2012, followed by one in-ceiling model, two subwoofer options and on-wall variants later in the year.

"The Sage Series has demonstrated to our partners and their clients the kind of performance we're able to achieve with application specific, planar magnetic hybrid designs for use within real rooms," said David Graebener, Wisdom Audio Executive Vice President. "With very helpful input and feedback from many of our partners, we believe the Insight Series will enable them to deliver compelling performance for their clients at entirely new price points for Wisdom Audio. My team has enjoyed designing all new planar magnetic and woofer transducers for this series and can't wait for our work to be displayed and heard around the world."

The U.S. pricing is as follows:

P2i  2 3ohms    87dB    80-20kHz 650  100dB  $1250 each
P4i  4 6ohms    87dB    80-20kHz 650  103dB  $1750 each
P6i  6 4ohms    90.5dB 80-20kHz 400  104dB  $3000 each
L8i   8 4ohms    93dB    80-20kHz 350  106dB  $5000 each

For more information, please visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call (775) 887-8850.

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