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Wisdom Audio


Founded in 1996, Wisdom Audio initially designed and manufactured high-end hybrid loudspeakers incorporating both planar and dynamic driver elements. Wisdom has since focused solely on its formidable architectural loudspeaker products that also utilize hybrid designs, along with a full line of complementary amplifiers and controllers.

Wisdom Audio recently hired an all-star team of company executives including president, Mark Glazier (Madrigal, Audioquest, K-scape), Jon Heron (Harman, Madrigal) and Todd Sutherland (Harman, Madrigal, K-scape) to rebuild the company's product line and distribution network. Through 2009 and 2010 they have done just that by making the world's most expensive in-wall and on-wall speakers. These speakers unlike audiophile speakers, are often hidden, their sound is anything other than hidden. Wisdom Audio uses digital room correction, bi-amped systems and other technology that has owners of big audiophile speakers finally going in-wall.


Wisdom Audio made news with their in-cement speakers for masonry walls.

Some of the best dealers in the world sell Wisdom Audio including: Sound Components in Miami, Simply Home Entertainment in Beverly Hills and many others.

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Wisdom Audio

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