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XLO Electric


Founded in 1990 by noted cable designer Roger Skoff, XLO Electric gained notoriety within the high end audio underground for its unusual looking, high performance analog interconnects. The company eventually successfully broadened its product offerings with additional audio, video, digital, and power solutions, and, in 2002, was purchased by fellow cable producer Ultralink.

With the departure of Nation Sales Manager and Vice President, Don Bouchard, from a fatal motorcycle accident - the company was never quite the same. Once one of the biggest players in the audiophile space - today they are a secondary player to the likes of: Transparent Cable, AudioQuest, Siltech, WireWorld and others on the high end. Enthusiasts hold out hope for a return to greatness for XLO.


Notable Audiophile Products include:

XLO HT Series Cables
XLO HT Pro Cables
XLO Reference Cables
XLO Signature-3 Cables
XLO Purple Reign Cables

XLO Electric

1951 South Lynx Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 947-6960 - tel
909-947-6970 - fax