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Yamaha Aventage BD-A1010 3D Blu-ray Player Reviewed

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Yamaha_BD-A1010_3D_Blu-ray_player_front.jpgThe BD-A1010 is the follow-up to Yamaha's BD-A1000 3D Blu-ray player, which the company released earlier this year. The new model shares a lot of the same features as its predecessor but comes in at a lower MSRP of $499.95. We have not performed a hands-on review of the BD-A1010, but here is a more comprehensive look at its features. Like the A1000, the BD-A1010 is a universal disc player that supports SACD and DVD-Audio playback, and it includes Yamaha's Web platform, which offers access to Netflix, Blockbuster OnDemand, FilmFresh, and YouTube Leanback. You can also stream media content from a connected PC or DLNA-compliant server. The BD-A1010 is designed to visually complement Yamaha's Aventage receiver line, and it's compatible with the SCENE function on certain Yamaha receivers: Press the SCENE BD/DVD button on the receiver's remote, and the system will automatically turn on the BD-A1010 and start disc playback. Yamaha now offers a remote control app for iPhone users, with an Android app also available.

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The BD-A1010 sports a single HDMI output, as well as component (SD only) and composite video outputs. The setup menu offers four picture modes, including a custom mode with adjustments for brightness, saturation, hue, contrast, sharpness, and CTI. You can also engage lip sync, auto contrast, and noise reduction, and you can adjust the brightness, saturation, and hue of all six color points. On the audio side, the back panel has the full complement of connections: In addition to HDMI, you get coaxial and optical digital audio outputs, as well as 7.1-channel and stereo analog audio outputs. The BD-A1010 has onboard Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and it also passes these high-resolution audio formats in bitstream form over HDMI, for your A/V receiver to decode. You can adjust the speaker size, level, and distance for the analog audio outputs. A Pure Direct mode shuts down unneeded video circuitry to achieve higher-quality audio performance.

As a universal disc player, the BD-A1010 supports a wide variety of formats: BD, DVD-Video, SACD, DVD-Audio, CD audio, AVCHD, Divx Plus HD, Xvid, MOV, WMV, WMA, AAC, MP3, and JPEG. You can add the player to your home network using the back-panel Ethernet port; surprisingly for the price, this player does not include integrated WiFi or an add-on USB WiFi dongle. The BD-A1010 lacks internal memory to store BD-Live features; dual USB ports (one on the front, one on the back) have been provided for this purpose. These ports also support media playback. The BD-A1010 offers RS-232 and a remote input and output for integration into an advanced control system.

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