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YG Acoustics


YG acoustics is a Denver based US audiophile speaker manufacturer who is bold enough to claim their speakers as the best in the world. Made to exacting standard and with robotic appearances and aerospace prices they have set a high bar for themselves. Only you can decide if they live up to their claim. We've heard them at trade shows (with a lot of background noise from the crowd) that they sounded very, very good.

YG Acoustics has a distinctive look to them and come in mostly industrial colors like gray and black. They say in their ads "the only coloration" is the exterior referring to their massively reinforced speaker boxes.

YG Acoustics Products include:
- Anat Reference II speakers
- Kipod speakers
- Carmel speake

YG Acoustics is an up and coming player in the competitive world of audiophile speakers that can be compared with the likes of Aerial, B&W, Wilson, Magico and many others.

YG Acoustics website can be found here: www.ygacoustics.com.

YG Acoustics

4941 Allison Street Unit 10
Arvada, CO 80002

(720) 840-6441 - tel
(303) 420-0156 - fax