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Zanden Audio


Zanden Audio is a Japanese manufacturer of absolute state of the art high end audio products including phono stages, transports, DACs, preamps and amplifiers. Zanden is famous for their rich gold finishes that truly elevate their product to the audio jewelry category.

Zanden's Owner and Technical Director, Kazutoshi Yamada, goes into extreme detail on his audiophile design philosophy on this section of their website. It's a little rough in terms of translation but it really helps to understand where the company comes from when building an uber-high-end audiophile product.

Some of the notable brands for Zanden Audio include:
 - Zanden Audio Model 1000 phono stage
- Zanden Audio Model 1100 phono stage
- Zanden Audio Model 5000 DAC
- Zanden Audio Model 7300 Amplifier
- Zanden Audio Model 9300 Amplifier
- Zanden Audio Model 9500 Amplifier
- Zanden Audio Model Model 2000P transport
Zanden Audio's industrial design is stunning providing the desired effect of "audio jewelry" The company bridges the old-school with futuristic design.

Zanden Audio isn't widely sold in the United States but could fairly be compared to the likes of Halcro, Krell, Audio Research, Boulder, VAC and other high end brands.


Zanden Audio

6-6-2-101 Shinmori Asahiku
Osaka, Osaka 535-0022

+81-6-6185-0404 - tel
+81-6-6185-0405 - fax