Published On: December 20, 2010

11 Year Old Invents Stunning iPad Stand

Published On: December 20, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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11 Year Old Invents Stunning iPad Stand

Ever get the feeling your children aren't just a little smarter than you when it comes to matters of technology but in fact are a lot smarter than you. Well Dino Zaharakis is living proof that you don't have to hold a degree from MIT to be called a genius for his home made iPad stand is starting to make waves.

11 Year Old Invents Stunning iPad Stand

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The inability of many iPad docks and iPhone docks to accommodate the devices with a case led this 11 year old Dino Zaharakis to invent an iPad stand.

His goal was to develop a stand that could:
• place/remove a device without disconnecting its cable
• hold a device with/without a skin in both portrait and landscape modes
• have viewing angles that were optimized for video conferencing
• have it made in the USA
• accommodate iPad, Kindle, nook, tablets, iPhone and other smartphones

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Dino made several prototype stands during his process. The favorites were dubbed Curly 3 Stooges, Alpha Slick and Big Z. The best features of each of these prototypes were combined to create the final product, named ONE.

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With the initial design concept set, Dino's dad took him to Northampton Community College's Fab Lab where they created 3D solid models using Solidworks and later created prototypes using a Dimension 3D printer. A parent on Dino's lacrosse team helped them get dzdock One patent pending.

They approached a local company, Hill Metal Co. in Allentown, PA where their expertise and equipment allowed them to produce real prototypes.

Next they worked on the web site, packaging, bar codes, listing dzdock on and creating a new corporation named ZLabs, Inc. In keeping local they chose Pennsylvania based companies, including Electro Space Fabricators for production manufacturing, and IMP for anodizing dzdock.

dzdock One is available for $29.99 in black, white, silver, red, pink, lime and blue at and Use the promotional code of "DZPRNEWS" at until Christmas and you can buy a dzdock for $19.99.

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