Published On: November 22, 2010

3DFusion Glasses Free Technology Accepted by Industry Experts

Published On: November 22, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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3DFusion Glasses Free Technology Accepted by Industry Experts

Matt Brenneshultz, analyst for Insight Media, announced in the November 11 edition of Display Daily that he feels digital signage is well represented by Auto Stereoscopic Displays (ASD).

3DFusion Glasses Free Technology Accepted by Industry Experts

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After a number of public events involving presentations of 3DFusion displays, Insight Media Analyst Matt Brenneshultz stated in the November 11, 2010 Display Daily publication, "The 3DFusion display is the one I was thinking of when I said Auto Stereoscopic Displays (ASD) were good enough for digital signage."

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On October 27, 2010, 3DFusion participated in the Kagan/Panasonic 3D Media Markets event at the Waldorf Astoria. The event included industry figures such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and John Landau. The overall consensus at the event was that 3D without glasses is 5 to 10 years away.

3DFusion president Steve Blumenthal was on the roster as a member of the technology panel and surprised the audience by inviting them to visit the 3DFusion business suite, located upstairs in the Waldorf, to experience the 3DFMax glasses free 3D ASD, and to see a real time, live 3D stereo camera capture display.

Two weeks later, at the public debut, 3DFusion presented two different audiences with their 3D technology. At an invitation of AEG and Island Def Jam Music Group, 3DFusion converted the Bon Jovi music video of "What Do You Got?" into the glasses free format.

Insight Media's Brenneshultz stated, "I saw the Bon Jovi video images and they looked good. Very good, in fact...I would say if 3DFusion AS-3D is good enough for Bon Jovi fans, it is good enough for football fans and advertisers."

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