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deluxe_logo.pngMore 4K content is on the way, this time from Samsung and Deluxe. Their 2014 UHD lineup will include a har drive pre-loaded with a number of Hollywood movies all mastered in 4K by Deluxe. No word on what movies are up for grabs yet, but they will likely be high-profile releases to increase consumer interest in the format.

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Deluxe announced today that it will provide Ultra High Definition (UHD) mastering and encoding services for a number of Hollywood movies available on Samsung's UHD Video Pack, a hard drive pre-loaded with UHD movies and documentaries for 2014 Samsung UHD TVs.
As an advanced technology leader, Deluxe is uniquely positioned to work directly with the studios and provide the full range of capabilities necessary to ensure UHD-optimized content is delivered at the highest quality and optimal bitrate for bandwidth, transport and storage efficiencies across the multiscreen landscape, while meeting the stringent security requirements specific to hosting and streaming UHD content to target devices.
Deluxe has invested in the technologies, workflows and operational processes for the production of new transcoding/encoding formats such as 4K and High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) to reduce the operational and capital infrastructure investment and complexity that Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MPVD) and Consumer Electronic (CE) providers will incur to advance UHD in the marketplace.
Deluxe is working closely with the studios to convert, restore and master UHD-optimized content, and to support the processing, management, and distribution of titles to new Samsung UHD TVs. Deluxe's unique capability to accept and process both native 4K and telecine content is critical to delivering the ever-expanding array of content that will be available for Samsung UHD TVs.
To process, transcode and distribute high-quality, device-ready UHD-optimized files, content will undergo rigorous testing and quality analysis of frame rates, bitrates, color or resolutions, as well as software decoding to ensure that the playback experience is optimized on the target devices.
High-quality video requires high-quality audio. Deluxe is collaborating with industry-leader DTS® to deliver the best audio and video experience. 
Samsung Electronics launched its UHD Video Pack in April 2014, preloaded with Deluxe's UHD content so consumers can experience the superior picture quality and pristine detail of their Samsung UHD TVs at home.
"Deluxe is proud to be leading the beginning of the UHD transition, which we believe will define next generation viewing experiences," said Cyril Drabinsky, president and CEO of Deluxe Entertainment. "Our strong relationships with Studios and CE brands like Samsung, are essential to Deluxe's ability to bring higher quality UHD-optimized content to market, faster. We're investing in the advanced technologies, workflows and ecosystem partnerships to enable our customers to access and distribute a broader range of exciting and compelling titles that their consumers will want."
As a trusted partner to every major studio in Hollywood, Deluxe is a leader in UHD mastering, encoding and distribution, and the only company to offer an end-to-end solution under one roof. With the proliferation of premium UHD content, Deluxe's restoration, conversion, and production capabilities give the company unique access to this content.
"Color by Deluxe" is recognized for technical innovation and a century of experience in working with original masters to create the optimal viewing experience across the multiscreen device landscape, especially large form factor TVs that will benefit the most from UHD content.

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