Published On: November 3, 2021

75 Klipschorns to Celebrate 75 Years

Published On: November 3, 2021
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75 Klipschorns to Celebrate 75 Years

No speaker has enjoyed a longer run as a currently produced model than the Klipschorn, now celebrating 75 years with a special edition limited to 75 pairs!

75 Klipschorns to Celebrate 75 Years

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In all the world speakers, the Klipschorn is basically Elvis Presley if Elvis was still alive. It's the king, the speaker has enjoyed the longest production run of any speaker in all history, starting in 1946, and it has now we've reached the 75th year. Imagine, this is a speaker that went on sale the year after World War II ended, and it's still available for purchase.

This is an absolute classic speaker design, a monster from a different era that makes the most of every watt that you feed it. How? By horn-loading the three drivers including the woofer. The result is quite large by modern standards, measuring 51" high by 31" wide by 28" deep, even though the horn itself is folded to take up as little space as possible. It's also a weighty speaker, 175 pounds each.

The upshot is tremendous efficiency, which makes sense because in the era when it was created, high-powered solid-state amplification like we enjoy today was not available. They need to make the most out of each watt, especially with the stated goal of matching the dynamic power of a symphony orchestra during its crescendo. you can achieve this with a properly installed pair of Klipschorn speakers.

The design of the standard Klipsch Heritage Kipschorn AK6 ($16,498/pair) is such that it incorporates room boundaries (wall or corner) to extend the bass response. The company specifies the response at 33 Hz to 20 kHz, and the sensitivity is rated at 105 dB at 2.83 V and 1 m. But it should be noted that the rating is not anechoic; it's when measured in a listening room. Nevertheless, the speaker can handle a hundred watts continuous and 400 W peak and has the capacity to output 121 dB of sound, continuously.

The 75th-anniversary model is it tweaked design that has a fully enclosed low-frequency horn cabinet, so you don't have to put it in the corner like the original model. This can have benefits when it comes to imaging. Furthermore, Klipsch says that a 1-inch titanium tweeter paired with a 90° by 40° Tractrix horn now extends the high-frequency response beyond 20 kHz. It's also limited to 75 pairs, so not your everyday speaker!

According to Klipsch, Special 75th Anniversary Klipschorn speakers also feature:

  • Unique real wood teak veneer and lambswool grilles chosen specifically to highlight the elegance and longevity of the 75th anniversary Klipschorn, while paying homage to the mid-century modern design tenets present in the Klipsch Heritage series.
  • A nostalgic 75th logo on front of speaker with a natural diamond that accentuates the specially designed logo made of sterling silver, hand-applied enamel, and rhodium plating.
  • A commemorative plaque with laser engraved serial number, date, and signature of craftsperson.
  • An exclusive engraved commemorative, record-size box that contains a 75th anniversary book, poster, a lighted logo sign, a pair of Klipsch T5 II earphones engraved with the 75th logo, a set of four leather coasters, a free one-year membership to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History, a three-month Qobuz membership, and a certificate of authenticity.

Notably, these speakers are designed and built in the USA, and the wood veneer utilizes real grain matched timber and they come with a 10-year warranty. As for the price? $25,000 for a pair at authorized Klipsch Heritage dealers.

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    I have The 1st Reference Series Speakers Running on a Adcom GFA 555 amp , and love them. Harry w

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