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Best 12-Inch Subwoofers for Home Theater & Music
The wide selection of 12-inch subwoofer options speaks to the popularity of this size. Here are some of the best.
Best 70-Inch TV - Big TVs for the Ultimate Home Theater Experience
Whether you're a sports nut or an at-home movie theater enthusiast, this list of 70-inch smart TVs will help you find the right product.
Best 42 & 43 Inch 4K TVs 2022
A small TV can still be a great TV with one of these compact options
Best 15-Inch Subwoofers: Dig Deeper
When the goal is clean, deep, loud bass, the old saying about car engines also applies to subwoofers: "There's no replacement for displacement."
Best Outdoor Speakers 2022
Looking for a single speaker or a multi-speaker outdoor system? Our guide includes great waterproof, wireless, and wired options.
Best 4K TVs for Living Rooms 2022
Transform your living room into an entertainment hub with a new 4K smart TV

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Kaleidescape Review: The Best Movie Player

It's as good as it gets for watching movies at home
Published September 17, 2022

Hisense Trichroma L9G 4K Laser TV UST: Showdown & Showroom Hands-On

The Hisense L9G is a fantastic turnkey 4K UST system.
Published August 12, 2022

Audyssey MultEQ-X Software & Calibrated Microphone Review

Get the most out of Audyssey with MultEQ-X software
Published July 13, 2022

LG C2 65-inch 4K OLED Review

LG's 65-inch C2 ups the gaming ante again in several ways, with new panel technology to elevate HDR image quality.
Published July 7, 2022

Focal powered by Naim in Miami is Worth the Trip

Making high-end audio and home theater fit in the modern home
Published June 29, 2022

JVC DLA-RS1100 4K Home Theater Projector Review

JVC ups the brightness and adds HDMI 2.1 to its most affordable 4K D-ILA option
Published June 27, 2022

Cool Tools: miniDSP UMIK-2 USB-C Reference Measurement Microphone

A great USB mic for your REW and DIRAC Live calibrations
Published May 16, 2022

Battle of the Big Screens: UST Projectors vs Huge TVs

We are living in the "your living room is a home theater" era
Published May 9, 2022

Epson LS12000 PreOrder - 4K ProCinema Laser Projector Review

Is the LS12000 the best value for a $5000 home theater projector?
Published May 4, 2022

Marantz Model 40n Integrated Amp Epitomizes the Audiophile Lifestyle

Performance is a commodity, while luxury elevates that performance to the sublime.
Published February 15, 2022

McIntosh Debuts Two New Amplifier Stands

Great amps deserve great stands, which is why McIntosh now introduces the AS125 and AS901.
Published January 19, 2022

McIntosh Unveils MC3500 Mk II Monoblock: Updating the "Woodstock Amplifier"

This Mk II version of the iconic MC3500—the 350-watt monoblock amp model that powered Woodstock—is a fully updated take on a definitive classic tube design.
Published November 4, 2021

Spotify announces plans for high-end subscription service

Spotify HiFi service will work across devices, including on Spotify Connect-enabled speakers.
Published February 25, 2021

Eye-opening Pro-Ject Turntables Celebrate Beatles, George Harrison

Sweet players from Pro-Ject might be just the thing for your media room, writes Mark Smotroff.
Published February 25, 2021

JBL Synthesis Went Big at CES

JBL introduced a massive new flagship speaker and gargantuan subwoofer, both designed for reference home cinema performance
Published February 12, 2021

McIntosh’s New Amp is Made for Headphone Enthusiasts Who Enjoy Versatility

The new McIntosh MHA200 Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier is equipped with balanced outputs and four headphone impedance ranges
Published February 4, 2021

MOON Audio Streaming Devices Now Have Apple AirPlay 2

The feature is available on many of MOON’s audio streaming products, including the ACE all-in-one music system and 280D streaming DAC — customers who already own an eligible product can contact a local retailer to have Apple AirPlay 2 installed
Published December 10, 2020

Schiit’s New Three-Input DAC Doesn’t Force You to Compromise

The new Modi 3+ has USB, Toslink SPDIF and Coaxial SPDIF inputs, and is built with Schiit’s Unison USB for an affordable, high-powered DAC
Published December 2, 2020

Samsung Odyssey ARK 4K 55" Gaming Monitor Review

It's a radical mega-monitor with 90-degree rotation
Published September 12, 2022

Samsung's Odyssey ARK is an Audacious 55" Curved 4K Gaming Monitor

Samsung is pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a gaming monitor with the Odyssey ARK.
Published January 13, 2022

Sony Xperia PRO-I: The First Smartphone with a 1" Sensor

Sony's latest smartphone, the Xperia Pro-I, ups the imaging ante by somehow fitting a 1" sensor and Zeiss lens, with variable aperture, 4K 120 Hz video, and optical image stabilization.
Published October 26, 2021

First Look at the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

The GTW 270 Hybrid gaming earbuds are a well-designed, well-built product that delivers great gaming audio and refreshing connection options.
Published September 15, 2021

Otterbox’s Gaming Ecosystem Provides Protection and Peace of Mind

The new Otterbox gaming line features a new gaming clip, controller shell and case, privacy screen protector, and gaming case for your mobile device
Published January 13, 2021

The Disaster Surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 is Only Getting Worse

The future is here, and everyone’s demanding a refund for it.
Published December 22, 2020

Among Us Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The insanely popular multiplayer game is now available on the Nintendo Switch and supports online play
Published December 16, 2020

Scuf Gaming’s First Headset is Extremely Customizable

Scuf’s H1 features 50mm high-density neodymium drivers and a plug-and-play design, as well as customizable color, material, and microphone options
Published December 11, 2020

Sony Launches Comprehensive PlayStation 5 FAQ

In preparation for the console’s November 12 launch, the lengthy FAQ dig into details about hardware specs, audio formats, games that will be released in conjunction with the new console, and more
Published November 9, 2020

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