Published On: February 18, 2010

Abbey Road Studios For Sale By Equity Firm That Owns EMI

Published On: February 18, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Abbey Road Studios For Sale By Equity Firm That Owns EMI

Abbey Road Studios, the recording facility made forever famous by the Beatles' Abbey Road album, not to mention all the historic tracks laid down there, has been put on the commercial real estate market by Terra Firma, which owns EMI.

Abbey Road Studios For Sale By Equity Firm That Owns EMI

AbbyRoad-B&W.gifThe legendary Abbey Road Studio has been put on the block by Terra Firma, the private equity firm that owns EMI, in order to raise money. Reportedly the move is designed to raise much needed money in order to keep controlling interests in the label.

Abbey Road is one of the most historically significant recording studios on the planet Earth. The Beatles recorded there along with Pink Floyd for Dark Side of the Moon and so many more. Sir Paul McCartney is quoted as saying that there are investors looking at potentially buying the studio. It's unclear if the studio can continue as a working, high-end recording studio in today's MP3 driven world of music without some benefactors. McCartney and even Paul Allen come to mind as possible suitors.

Abbey Road has ties to the high end consumer business as well: they use Bowers and Wilkins speakers and Classé electronics for many of their mastering rooms.

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