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High Points
• The cabinets are solid and their aesthetics are of furniture grade quality. They look simply fantastic.
• The drivers feature advanced designs and are custom made for Acoustic Zen. 
• The Adagio's are capable of deep and solid low frequency reproduction despite their relatively small size.

Low Points
• Their sonic presentation has a slightly forward high frequencies for my tastes when matched with the electronics that I own. The Adagios would be well matched with tube electronics from the likes of Conrad Johnson, Audio Research and or Cary
• If found the Acoustic Zen Adagios to take dozens and dozens of hours to break-in thus getting to their full potential. I recommend running a CD for hours while you are gone.

I was surprised by the Adagio's level of performance at their price. When I first saw these modestly sized, fairly traditional looking speakers I was not expecting them to be able to perform to the level that they have achieved. Acoustic Zen has managed to balance the ribbon tweeter to bring out the nuanced highs that provide for detail and a sense of airiness while keeping the ribbon properly damped to prevent any harshness or ringing. No easy feat. The woofers also performed beyond expectations providing deep and solid bass. Overall, this speaker system was at ease with both micro and macro-dynamics. Details did not get lost in busy mixes, instruments and voices sounded natural and unforced. I think you might very well fall in love with these speakers.

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