Network Ad Specifications

(Effective September 15, 2017) and its networked sites adhere to basic ad guidelines that are designed to allow readers a positive user experience while providing clients with meaningful analytical tracking. There are a number of different types of ads that are served on the network. Below are the exact specifications for the ads run in a campaign. If you have any questions - call 310.860.9988 as we are here to help.

Banner Ads serves three main sizes of banners be it static or animated.

  • 300x250 (100k file limit) Email Newsletter Only
  • 300x600 (150k file limit)
  • 970x250 (200k file limit) accepts only animated .gif ads sized to 300x95 with a max file size of 50k. 

Be sure to send specific click through URLs specifically designed to match each banner.

Please name your ads using this naming convention:

  • Client-Campaign-AdName-Date-300x250.gif
  • For example: Harman-MarkLevinosn-No519-09-17-970x250.gif can accept many advanced formats of ads. Please call to check with us before sending.

Wallpaper or Skin Ads accepts "skin" or "wallpaper" ads. 
Here are specifications:

  • gif or .jpg format
  • Max pixel size = 1800x1000
  • Website Width = 1200 pixels
  • File size limit = 250k

Email Newsletter Banner Ads accepts traditional, 300x250 banner ads for our email newsletter. .gif and .jpg formats preferred.

Email Newsletter Advertorials Ads's periodic newsletters often include advertorial ads. Their specifications include:

  • 10 word max for the title or headline
  • 75 words max for the body of the ad
  • Additional space is available for a phone number and URL.
  • A small logo (200x200 is a good starting place but we might shrink it down as needed)
  • Provide a specific click URL.
  • Hint: its always good to make sure that the ad includes some sort of action step if you are trying to convert sales.

Dedicated Emailings can reach nearly every dealer, installer and retail buyer in the AV industry, as well as tens of thousand of consumers.

Layouts for HTML emails vary. Contact us for more information or examples.

Call 310.860.9988 for support for any advertising-related questions or to secure sending an RFP.

Ad Reports
Ad reports are available upon request.

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