Published On: September 19, 2011

Alex Lezcano's Associated Equipment

Published On: September 19, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Alex Lezcano's Associated Equipment

Check out this page for more information on Alex Lezcano and the equipment he uses in his different systems when performing his reviews of equipment for

Alex Lezcano's Associated Equipment

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Alex-Lezcano-headshot.jpgAlex Lezcano's reference equipment includes:

Main Room
Samsung PN58C6500 Plasma HDTV

Emotiva UMC-1 Processor/Preamp
Emotiva XPA-5 Amplifier
Red Dragon Audio M-1000 x3 Amplifier

Sony PS3
Macbook Pro 15"

Aperion Audio 6T's and 6C speakers

Sharp Aquos 37" LCD HDTV

Decware CSP2 Preamplifier
Decware Taboo Amplifier

Macbook Pro 15"
XBox 360

Decware DM944 Speakers

Interconnects for both rooms are Emotiva X-series or Blue Jeans Cable

For more information about Alex Lezcano, check out his Google Profile.

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