Published On: July 8, 2009

An Inside Look at Michael Jackson's $100,000 A Month Rental Including His Home Theater

Published On: July 8, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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An Inside Look at Michael Jackson's $100,000 A Month Rental Including His Home Theater

Take an exclusive look at the King of Pop's Holmby Hills digs including a lush home theater - screening room. Before his untimely death, he was living in style (right down the street from the Playboy Mansion) including the best in the world of home theater.

An Inside Look at Michael Jackson's $100,000 A Month Rental Including His Home Theater

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It's hard to imagine what life was like for entertainer Michael Jackson. He was one of the most successful performers of all time, with global concert tours and 47 million copies of his best-selling album in the hands of consumers. He also owned the rights to the early Beatles catalogue, yet he somehow ended up with money problems and legal troubles. For a few years, he was on self-imposed exile in the Middle East.

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When an investor brought Jackson back to Los Angeles (where Jackson once had a penthouse condo in the most exclusive building on the Wilshire Corridor), he was wooed by the idea of breathing new life into the entertainer's career, as well as a possible return to the financial wealth that comes with being one of the world's most famous people. Part of the package that got Jackson back to Los Angeles to prepare for 50 sold-out dates in London was the ability to live in a $100,000-a-month Holmby Hills estate not too far from the Playboy Mansion and tony Beverly Hills.


We have attached some photos of the house provided to by the builder Mohamed Hadid and their home theater installation firm DSI Entertainment Systems. In typical Michael Jackson style, the house is completely over-the-top in its design and, believe it or not, there is a somewhat healthy market for rental properties in the six-figures-per-month range. I was told by a reliable source that Jackson's fellow superstar musician Prince was renting a $150,000-per-month property in the gated Shangri-la known as Beverly Park. So much for the rest of the country and the housing crunch.


The home theater in this amazingly high-end rental home included a Crestron control system, Marantz electronics, M&K speakers and Lutron lighting control.

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