Published On: April 27, 2022

Andrew Jones' New Gig: Chief Loudspeaker Designer at MoFi

Published On: April 27, 2022
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Andrew Jones' New Gig: Chief Loudspeaker Designer at MoFi

Looking forward to seeing what Andrew has in mind for his new designs

Andrew Jones' New Gig: Chief Loudspeaker Designer at MoFi

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This week saw a new chapter open in the adventures of Andrew Jones, famed speaker designer. Andrew's career exploits are known to the audio cognizant hobbyists of this world, from KEF to Infinity to TAD to Pioneer to ELAC, he's consistently designed speakers that stand out within their category. And now with MoFi, Andrew embarks on a new adventure and it'll be exciting to see where he takes us.

“I am truly excited to join MoFi Electronics, MoFi’s culture is uncompromising. Not only does the company have a clear vision of where it is going, it also has a rich history from which to draw inspiration. The team wants to deliver products that make people say, ‘Wow, I’ve never heard that before.’ That mentality provides me the time and resources needed to create the kind of products that will resonate with the brand’s loyal fans. We are working on new loudspeaker concepts that are very different from other designs I have done, while maintaining the core principles for which I am known."

Andrew Jones

Adding speakers to the MiFi electronics lineup is actually a quite significant moment, and serves as a proverbial 'last piece of the puzzle' in that it makes possible a MoFi sound system where the source and the transducer are in-house designs. Which, when you consider that MoFi is also a studio, creates an amazing integration between music creation and recreation.

MoFi Electronics' current lineup of audio equipment encompasses turntables, phonostages, cartridges, and accessories.

For now, out there are not a lot of details. However, MoFi Electronics says that it will follow up with additional information about these new speakers at a launch event that will occur later this year.

“Andrew Jones’ track record and deeply ingrained knowledge make him a natural fit for our team as we take the next step in the playback chain. The opportunity to bring on a designer of Andrew’s caliber is amazing, and reflects our desire to do things at a very high level, which always starts by hiring the right people for the job.”

MoFi Electronics President John Schaffer

  • Scott
    2022-08-04 21:44:24

    This is interesting at this time because of the meeting of high quality digital vinyl presses and questionable marketing for Mofi and the hx quality of Andrew Jones name and production of a good product for a good price. Where might this lead?

  • Josh Yu
    2022-04-28 23:03:24

    Hmm, let's see how long this lasts.

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