Anthem Announces the Next Generation of Room Correction: ARC Genesis

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Anthem Announces the Next Generation of Room Correction: ARC Genesis

We've never made much of a secret around these parts that we're big fans of Anthem Room Correction, the proprietary software found only on Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan wireless speakers, subwoofers, preamps, and receivers. The system has come a long way in terms of user-friendliness in the past few years, but with Anthem's latest announcement, it seems like ARC is about to take its biggest leap forward to date.

ARC Genesis, as it's dubbed, will debut this spring and is slated to be available for both Mac and Windows users. In addition to its streamlined (and sexier) UI, ARC Genesis offers several new performance enhancements, including the ability to phase-align speakers and subwoofers. That last feature is only, it seems, available for Anthem's newer STR Series products. But the good news is that all of ARC Genesis' other improvements will be backwards compatible with any older ARC-equipped gear that connects via USB (which really only leaves out products like the first-generation MRX receivers and legacy preamps like the D2v).

More details straight from Anthem:

Anthem Electronics, award-winning manufacturer of high-end electronics for music and home theater, is pleased to unveil details of ARC Genesis™, the third generation of their critically-acclaimed Anthem Room Correction (ARC) software. Available in Spring 2019 for free from Anthem's website, this proprietary digital signal processing technology works with compatible 2-channel and home theater audio products and offers advanced measurement functions, powerful acoustic correction algorithms, user-configurable target curve customization, a streamlined user interface, and support for both Mac and Windows.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology understands the acoustic characteristics of listening rooms and optimizes the audio performance of 2-channel and home theater audio products to deliver the best possible performance within each unique room. It effectively tames resonances, reflective surfaces, and other obstacles that can negatively affect sound, especially at low frequencies. The benefits of ARC Genesis are easy to hear. When used with compatible receivers, processors, and preamplifiers with built-in bass management functions, ARC Genesis also analyzes the frequency response of speakers and subwoofers to calculate custom high-pass and low-pass filter settings that ensure natural-sounding levels of deep, well-blended bass throughout an audio system.

Support for Multiple Platforms and Backward Compatibility: With the launch of third-generation ARC Genesis software, what was once only possible with a PC computer is now compatible with both Mac and Windows and offers convenient connections via USB, Wi-Fi/Ethernet, or Bluetooth (depending on the product). In the near future, ARC Mobile for iOS and Android will also be upgraded to include the ARC Genesis feature set. ARC Genesis software is backward compatible with many legacy products released during the last decade--the only exception being early generation products that relied solely on RS-232 for data connections.

Performance Enhancements: ARC Genesis incorporates performance enhancements that speed up the optimization algorithm and improve the quality of results. Further refinements enhance the software's ability to detect and automatically select crossover points, analyze room gain, and calculate target curves for each speaker within a system. When used with Anthem's STR Series products ARC Genesis aligns the phase of loudspeakers and subwoofers--a significant advancement.

Completely New User Interface: Redesigned from the ground up, the ARC Genesis user interface offers a seamless experience across Mac and Windows platforms. Improved UI features include a guided workflow, simple and descriptive language, in-line help menus, interactive acoustic measurement graphs, and the ability to replace measurements on a speaker by speaker basis after finishing the initial set of measurements--no more having to remeasure the entire system if you tweak the placement of a speaker or subwoofer. ARC Genesis has also been designed to support multiple languages.

Improved Quick Measure, Curve Viewer, and PDF Export: While the Quick Measure feature is not new to Anthem Room Correction, ARC Genesis enhances this feature with a Snapshot function that freezes the current measurement curve and preserves it, allowing you to see it overlaid with subsequent measurement curves. The interactive Curve Viewer tool displays what ARC Genesis is doing every step of the way, generating graphs that display measurements for each speaker and allows users to overlay measurements with bass management settings applied, target curves, and correction curves. An improved PDF export tool allows users easily share before and after measurement curves.

New Demo Mode: ARC Genesis seeks to demystify the room correction process by incorporating a full-featured demo mode which allows any user to explore Anthem's powerful room correction software, even if they don't have access to an ARC compatible product. This demo mode incorporates measurement data from a variety of receivers, processors, preamplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers, allowing you to walk through the configuration, run a simulated measurement, make adjustments, and run a simulated upload. It also allows you to explore features such as the Quick Measure tool, the Curve Viewer, and the PDF export function.

ARC Genesis will be available in spring 2019 and free for download from

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