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Anthem-D2V_AVpreamp.gifAnthem, a manufacturer of electronics for music, home theater and distributed audio systems, announces the availability of version 2 of its Statement D2 audio/video processor. This next-generation model enhances the performance features found in its first iteration with upgrades.

As a pioneer in the troubleshooting and integration of HDMI•, Anthem has equipped the Statement D2v with four additional HDMI inputs (for a total of eight) as well as one additional HDMI output (for a total of two). All inputs and outputs are HDMI 1.3c and offer Deep-Color support (36-bit) and high-definition audio streaming.

The Anthem Statement D2v features the updated VXP® digital image processor. This "latest-generation" processor offers two complete, independent 12-bit channels of fully-adaptive deinterlacing. In addition, it includes adaptive 3D noise reduction, mosquito noise reduction, block artifact reduction, adaptive detail enhancement featuring sharpness and texture enhancement with overshoot control, and adaptive contrast enhancement. Its multi-layered graphics engine allows for on-screen display generation that is ideal for electronic program guides (EPG) and set-up menus.

Audio performance on the Statement D2v incorporates two dual-core digital signal processor (DSP) engines offering 800 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power to allow eight-channel decoding of new HD audio standards like Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD• High-Resolution Audio and DTS-HD• Master Audio. The Anthem Statement D2 v.2 also supports DVD audio in 7.1 format up to 192 kHz.

Anthem's new Room Correction System (ARC-1•) will also be a standard feature on all Statement D2v preamplifier/processors. While equalizing frequency response in a room to achieve some generic (i.e. "flat") response is a common approach to solving the problem, it will result in an unnatural spectral balance since it does not take into account the human hearing system. Anthem's Room Correction differs from other systems in that it uses proprietary processing to compute each speaker's in-room frequency response and then computes a target frequency response for each to yield the optimal sound.

Estimated FMV for the Anthem Statement D2v is $7999. For more information, please visit

*Key features of VXP• technology include: • Superior image quality using per-pixel processing. • Very robust film mode detection. • TruMotionHD• Adaptive De-Interlacing to ensure optimal image sharpness and picture resolution when converting 480i, 576i and 1080i inputs to progressive scan. • FineEdge• Dynamic Directional Interpolation to eliminate jaggy artifacts (i.e. temporal distortion) found in traditional de-interlacing algorithms. • FidelityEngine• Image Enhancements to remove unwanted noise and improve detail. • RealityExpansion• True 10-Bit Image Processing for eye-catching natural imagery.

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