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In these uncertain economic times, one thing is certain: home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles alike still want to partake in their favorite hobby, but in many instances are unwilling to pay the premiums once associated with the gear they loved. So what is a budget-conscious enthusiast to do? Turn to the Internet. The Internet has proven to be fertile ground for enthusiasts in recent years. Once the playground for budget-only gear, the Internet has also become the saving grace of many high-end brands, including THIEL and MartinLogan. That's great for those brands that are a bit late to the party, but Aperion Audio has been utilizing the Internet since their inception and, if the Intimus 6T Tower Speaker reviewed here is any indication, business for the online upstart is good.

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The Intimus 6T is a full-range, floor-standing loudspeaker featuring a single one-inch silk dome tweeter mated to two six-and-a-half-inch woven fiberglass bass/midrange drivers in a two-way configuration. The Intimus 6T is available in two finishes, gloss piano black and cherry. It retails direct, complete with a 30-day in-home audition period, for $695 each or $1,390 per pair. Shipping is free and the Intimus 6T comes with a 10-year warranty, complete with lifetime technical support.

The Intimus 6T has a reported frequency response of 36-20,000 Hz into a six-ohm load with a 91 dB sensitivity rating meaning it can be driven with ease by just about anything out there today. The Intimus 6T is front-ported, meaning placement in smaller rooms is going to be a bit easier than with most rear-ported speakers, and you'll save a bit on speaker cables, for this is a non bi-wire speaker. The fit and finish of the Intimus 6T is first-rate, especially in its piano-black wrapper, and at 70 pounds, the 6T is no unmarked van special.

High Points
• The Intimus 6T can play very loud very easily, yet doesn't really distort or fall apart the way most budget speakers do at the extremes, making it well-suited for home theaters and large orchestral music playback.

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