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• The silk dome tweeter is very composed and rather airy, given its composition, especially considering most manufacturers have switched to using aluminum or other metals.
• The midrange performance is to die for, a definite best in class if I'm honest. The Intimus 6T is not overly warm or bloated in any way; it's very pleasing and highly enjoyable.
• While Aperion does recommend a subwoofer (they sell many), if you want true full-range performance out of the Intimus 6T, I'd argue to hold off for a bit before spending more money. While a sub will help the Intimus 6T plunge into uncharted depths, its bass response is quite robust and deep without a sub, so you may not need one unless your room is very large.
• The Intimus 6Ts aurally disappear like a pair of diminutive mini-monitors and leave behind a spacious yet well-defined soundstage in their wake.
• The Intimus 6T is one of the best-looking speakers I've seen in its price range and, while it's hardly small, the finish goes a long way in curbing the WAF.

Low Points
• While the piano-black finish of the Intimus 6T is first-rate and my finish of choice, it is difficult to keep free of dust and unsightly fingerprints.
• I prefer the look of the Intimus 6Ts sans its speaker grille. However, those of you with children are warned, for all of the 6T's drivers are within reach of even the smallest of toddlers.
• The binding posts on the Intimus 6T are adequate, but their placement makes connecting larger-gauge wire a bit difficult.

While $1,400 a pair loudspeakers are by no means cheap these days, the Intimus 6Ts are a relative bargain, considering you'll have to spend more than double their asking price to achieve even an incremental increase in performance. The Intimus 6T is Aperion's flagship speaker and if it proves to be too big or to costly for you, the company has numerous options that are more compact and budget-friendly, while incorporating the same drivers and technology, ensuring you'll be getting the same quality sound in a smaller package. If you have the room and the budget and are in the market for a solid home theater and audiophile speaker, take a good look at the Intimus 6T.

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