Published On: October 28, 2012

Aperion Audio Now Shipping Windows 8 Certified Wireless ARIS Speaker System

Published On: October 28, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Aperion Audio Now Shipping Windows 8 Certified Wireless ARIS Speaker System

Aperion Audio has brought wireless speakers to the non-Apple users. The Aperion Audio ARIS is a Windows 7 and 8 compatible wireless speaker that has quite a few features for simplicity in use.

Aperion Audio Now Shipping Windows 8 Certified Wireless ARIS Speaker System

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Aperion-Audio-ARIS-wireless-speaker-small.jpgAperion Audio recently announced the availability of the ARIS wireless speaker for Windows (7 & 8). The ARIS lets digital music lovers listen to their tunes from any room in their home. Using the Windows "Play To" feature, users can select and send music wirelessly from any Windows PC, tablet or smartphone connected to their home network. 

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Today, music is stored on a variety of digital devices in the home including desktops, laptops, notebook PCs, network storage drives, tablets and smartphones. ARIS connects to all of these sources of music on the home network and eliminates the need to move music files between devices or plug and unplug cables. Using Windows 7 & 8 on PCs or tablets and controller Apps on a Windows, Android, or iOS smartphone, music lovers can send music from any source on the network to an ARIS speaker located anywhere in the home.

ARIS provides functionality similar to wireless speakers that work with Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth technology. However, being Windows and DLNA certified, the ARIS system allows connectivity to multiple network devices, a simple 'right-click' music file playback and compatibility with a variety of playback Apps for tablets and smartphones.

The all-in-one stereo speaker system includes six internal drivers and four amplifiers that provide a total of 100 W of audio power and a maximum SPL of 105 dB. The extruded and black anodized aluminum enclosure measures 6.5-inches high by 14.75-inches wide. The ARIS is equipped with an adjustable and removable red steel stand for precise angling.

The ARIS connects to a home network at the push of a button using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which is built into most current wireless routers, or a simple on-board setup sequence when WPS is not available. Once on the network, the ARIS Wireless Card for Windows (included) automatically updates software over the Internet to maintain the latest networking and codec technologies. The system is also made future proof by a patent-pending capability to swap out the wireless card should hardware technology change or if the user chooses a different network infrastructure in the future.

The Aperion ARIS for Windows is available now for $499 at Also available at, and the Audioholics Home Theater Store.

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