Published On: December 13, 2012

Aperion Audio Offers Special Deals for the Holidays

Published On: December 13, 2012

Aperion Audio Offers Special Deals for the Holidays

Aperion Audio is offering several notable discounts for the holiday season. These offers include systems for all sizes of room and options for wireless audio. All at prices that are notable savings.

Aperion_Audio_brand_page_logo.gifAperion Audio has kicked off December by offering special savings on two 5.1 Home Theater systems. Or buy any 5.1 or better Aperion Home Theater system with Bravus IID at the regular price and make the subwoofer wireless with a FREE Aperion Zona Home Audio Link ($149). Just add it to your cart before checkout.

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If you need help deciding on the best system for your home, Aperion Audio's Home Theater Gurus are on hand to help. And the options are flexible: you can contact them by phone at 888-880-8992, chat, or email.

The deal packages include:

Aperion-Audio-4T-Hybrid-system-holiday-deal-12-12-V2.jpg1) Intimus 4T, 4C, Bravus 8A 5.1 System in Gloss Piano Black Finish-with free surrounds - Wired or Wireless
$1373, up to 23% SAVINGS
• Intimus 4T Tower with a small footprint and full range of sound
• Intimus 4C Center for mid-range
Bravus 8A subwoofer for the low end
• Your choice of FREE Zona Wireless or Intimus 4B surrounds to round out your system
• Wire kit to connect your subwoofer and speakers
• Gloss Piano Black finish

Aperion-Audio-5T-Hybrid-system-holiday-deal-12-12-small.jpg2) Intimus 5T, 5C, 5B and Bravus II 10D (optional) 5.1 System in Gloss Piano Black Finish
$1999, 18% SAVINGS
• Intimus 5T Tower to deliver movie audio
• Intimus 5C Center for clear dialog
• Intimus 5B Bookshelf speakers to add surround sound
Bravus 10D subwoofer for bass OR take $500 off the system price if you already have a sub
• Gloss Piano Black finish

3) FREE Aperion Zona Home Audio Link with purchase of regularly priced Aperion 5.1 or 7.1 Home Theater System with Bravus IID
• Connect from your AVR to your powered subwoofer without wires
• Reportedly better than CD-quality uncompressed digital link, low latency and 16-bit/48 kHz sample rate
• No software needed--just plug and play

Visit Aperion Audio's werbsite for more details.

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