Published On: May 2, 2009

Apple Rumored To Be Adding Blu-ray To Computers and iTunes 8.2

Published On: May 2, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Apple Rumored To Be Adding Blu-ray To Computers and iTunes 8.2

Although the big Mac company doesn't like anybody to talk about its doings before it is ready to make an announcement, generally credible computer news site is reporting that Apple is likely to bring Blu-ray to its computers and iTunes 8.2.

Apple Rumored To Be Adding Blu-ray To Computers and iTunes 8.2

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Apple Computer is notoriously secretive about their future technology which has created a whole world of Mac gossip and rumor sites. Computer super-site,, is not one of these gossip sites and they are reporting that there is talk that Apple is on the verge of releasing Blu-ray functionality for its all-important iTunes 8.2 version.

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There is also conjecture that Apple might be adding Blu-ray drives to some of their machines despite Apple leader, Steven Jobs, recently complaining about the licensing fees and process for Blu-ray.

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AppleComputerLogo_Green_Blu-ray.jpgApple Computer was one of the big supporters for Blu-ray in the HD DVD versus Blu-ray HD disc format war. We know who won there and Blu-ray is rocking over 20 percent market share with its 1080p video and HD audio performance. 

Apple's iTunes is HD video at 720p and downloadable. Beyond home theater applications - the increased storage capacity of Blu-ray as a disc format makes it tempting for Apple super-heavy-users on the desktop tower Mac Pro machines. A Blu-ray drive in a Mac Mini or Apple TV would raise the price but would make it even more tempting in the home theater market as you would have the best in music/movie downloads along with the best in 1080p video in one slick package.

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