Published On: February 20, 2010

Apple's Red-hot iPad Is a Crestron Controller

Published On: February 20, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Apple's Red-hot iPad Is a Crestron Controller

Crestron is known for their slick system controllers, which includes some pretty substantial touch panels that are not only exclusive but also expensive. In an attempt to be more inclusive Crestron has opened their control know-how to other peripherals, specifically Apple's new iPad.

Apple's Red-hot iPad Is a Crestron Controller

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AppleiPadisaCr5estronController.gifThe hot new Apple iPad is a full 2-way Crestron touch panel - available the same day it ships from Apple. Immediately take advantage of the free Crestron Mobile• app (currently available from iTunes) to transform an iPad into a complete home automation touchpanel, or use the Crestron Mobile Pro• app to turn the iPad into a entirely customized user interface while enjoying the sleek, stylish Apple look, right from day one.

Use existing Crestron software tools to create GUI designs and seamlessly integrate with any Crestron control system, including Prodigy® . Use the vast library of free Crestron graphics or produce custom images desired. Browse, select and play songs and movies; control lights and adjust temperature, all from the iPad.
The iPad connects to the Crestron controller via WiFi or 3G network the same way the iPhone® or iPod touch® does today. Simply add complete Crestron control to any room in the home, or take advantage of the 3G iPad for control anywhere, whether in the car, on vacation or at the office.

Crestron is committed to offering great solutions for integrating Apple products into the home. System designers can create touchpanel interfaces with XPanel for Mac® to take full Crestron control from any iMac® or MacBook® . Convert your iPod® into a Crestron controlled media server using the Crestron Interface for Apple iPod (CEN-IDOCV), Crestron iServer• (CEN-ISERVER) or the Prodigy® Interface for Apple iPod (P-IDOCV). Crestron Mobile• lets you use the iPad, as well as iPhone and iPod touch, to take complete control of any system, anywhere.

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