Arcam Debuts the "UN-Wireless" rDock-uni Docking Station

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Arcam-rDock-uni.jpgWireless connectivity may be all the rage right now, but sometimes what you want is an easy, reliable, high-quality wired connection. That's what Arcam promises with its new rDock-uni docking station for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This $299 device features a Lightning dock for current iDevices, as well as a USB port for compatibility with older models. The rDock-uni has a high-quality internal DAC, or you can send a direct digital stream to your own audiophile-grade DAC.�

From Arcam
"UN-Wireless" Digital Lightning Dock DAC for iPad/Phone/Pod - $299 USD
From Arcam of Cambridge UK comes the rDock-uni, an audiophile docking station for iPhone/Pad/Pod, that allows the highest quality and easiest fixed connection to any form of Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Audio system. Featuring the Lightning connector for all current iDevices and USB for older ones, just Dock & Play! owned music AND stream Spotify, Qobuz, RDio, Deezer, Tune-in Radio etc.�

Based on British Hi-Fi pioneer Arcam's years of experience in designing Digital and Analogue audio, the rDock-uni features audiophile-grade circuitry throughout and allows music lovers to listen at a quality level that no other dock can achieve. Users can choose the high-quality internal DAC, or send a digital signal directly to an external audiophile DAC. The results will surprise and delight all who listen.

Arcam MD Charlie Brennan commented, "Amidst all the fuss about wireless connectivity (including ours :-) the simplest and best solutions can often be ignored. The 'UN-Wireless' rDock is THE best way to get killer sound from an iPhone/Pod/Pad."

No one gets left behind
THE NEW: Direct Lightning Dock - iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c & iPad Mini / rMini / 4 / Air
THE OLD: 30 pin iDevices via USB connection - for all older iPhones/Pod & Pads

� stunning & class-leading sound quality whatever the device, format or coding rate
� digital audio connectivity from 'iDevice' to internal DAC to analogue stereo out
� digital audio SPDIF connectivity from 'iDevice' to high-end external DACs
� Apple Certified "Made For" Lightning connectors on a multi-angle swivel base
� full IR remote control of docked device (handset included)
� control integration with Arcam's Solo neo, Solo Mini and Arcam AV Amps
� stylish and robust cast aluminium case, provides stable support for Pads/Phones and Pods
� charges connected device

Best Sound�
The rDock extracts pure digital audio from the iDevice and processes the music via an audiophile DAC, the Burr-Brown/TI PCM1502, and Arcam's de-jittering circuitry, giving a huge improvement in sound quality over the 'i' standard audio out. The analogue stereo out goes straight to any form of audio system, or to improve the sound even further, the pure digital signal can be fed to a higher grade DAC such as Arcam's $700 irDAC or $3200 FMJ D33.

No Wi-fi or Bluetooth required
No need to worry about wireless problems or phone battery life, just drop the device onto the dock and touch play or use the remote control supplied. The device is charged while playing.

No connector problems
For perfect connections every time and future-proofing through iOS updates, Arcam only uses genuine Apple Certified "Made For" Lightning connectors with the correct authentificatiion chip. The rDock-uni also allows users to connect any older 30-pin iDevice to the dock via a rear-mounted USB connector.

A bit more information
Arcam has led the quality iDock field since 2007. Replacing Arcam's noted drDock, the rDock-uni pushes the performance envelope even further, offering even better sound through enhanced direct digital connections to the docked iDevice and using the latest audiophile-grade circuitry throughout.

iPhone, iPod and iPad
Thanks to an ingenious new shape and robust aluminium construction, the rDock-uni is able to accommodate iPad Mini models, iPad Air, iPad 4, as well as iPods and iPhones.

Genuine Apple Certified Lightning Connector / Multi-angle Lightning swivel base
Non-certified copy connectors can cause problems and without the correct authentification chip cannot be guaranteed to work. Arcam's flexible multi-angle swivel Lightning connector base allows all sizes of device to dock easily and reduces strain and wear on the connector and device.

Stand-alone Remote Control - Optional Arcam System integration
The rDock-uni comes with its own IR remote handset but can also be controlled by the Arcam Solo neo and Solo mini music systems, plus most Arcam AV amps and the T32 DAB Tuner via their handsets too.

Everything supplied
Built in a solid cast aluminium case and supplied with a full complement of connection cables and accessories, the rDock-uni can be ready to play music in minutes.

The rDock-uni will charge all connected iDevices.

All analogue cables required and a compact global power supply.

DAC Burr-Brown/TI PCM1502
Audio Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz, +0 -0.2dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.002%
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): 106dB (24-bit)
Maximum output level: 2.15V RMS
General Power requirements: 5V DC, 3A
Dimensions: W100 x H65 x D72mm (80mm inc connectors)
Weight: 400g

MUSICAL above all
We at Arcam don't build equipment to ream your ears out and impress on one quick listen. Arcam kit is made to be musical and enjoyable over years and years of listening. Many Hi-Fi and AV products are sharp and clear, very 'Hi-Fi' but they don't play music in an enjoyable fashion. Arcam kit gets more involving and more musical the longer you listen.

ABOUT: Arcam of Cambridge
Pioneers of the modern Hi-Fi industry, Arcam are one of the world's most prestigious audio engineering companies, with nearly forty years of experience building both affordable and high-end HiFi and Home Cinema equipment. Arcam research and design their world-class products in Cambridge UK and are noted as a global authority on Digital Audio.

Additional Resources
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� Visit Arcam's brand page at

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