ATC Launches New On-Wall Speaker Series in the U.S.

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ATC-HTS-speakers.jpgATC has announced that its new HTS on-wall speaker series is now available in the United States through the company's U.S. importer, Lone Mountain Audio. The series includes three main models--the HTS7, HTS11, and HTS40 field-configurable model--all of which incorporate technology from the company's popular freestanding SCM Series in a sleek on-wall form factor. There are also horizontally configured center-channel versions of the HTS7 and HTS11. Check out the press release below for more details.

From ATC
Lone Mountain Audio, the importer of ATC Consumer Hi Fi Loudspeakers from England, is pleased to announce the new ATC HTS On-wall "Home Theater Speaker" Systems are now available for delivery in the U.S.

Recently awarded the internationally acclaimed AVTech 2017/18 Media Award for Best-on-wall Speaker System, the ATC HTS7 5.1 System is slim and sleek--yet an extremely powerful on-wall speaker system that delivers true cinema performance like no other in its price range.

The HTS Series comprises three shallow-mount vertically or horizontally configured models: HTS7 or HTS7C, HTS11 or HTS11C and the HTS40 Field Configurable speakers. All HTS models benefit from the proprietary ATC drive unit technology deployed by their award-winning bookshelf and floorstanding counterparts, the SCM 7, SCM 11 and SCM 40. HTS includes the new revelatory SH25-76 dual-suspension tweeters (all models), CLD (Constrained Layer Damping) bass-mid drivers (HTS11), and ATC's renowned 75mm/3" Soft Dome midrange and 164mm short coil/long gap bass drivers (HTS40).

"The new HTS Series of on-wall systems opens the door for systems integrators and retailers seeking true ATC level performance in a completely different form factor," shared Brad Lunde, president of ATC's U.S. distributor Lone Mountain Audio. "This new on-wall series further validates and strengthens ATC's commitment to the consumer home entertainment market."

ATC's hand-wound custom proprietary crossover designs deliver a wide and accurate response from on-wall locations. Even so, wall mounting provides additional bass output and efficiency: the HTS11 has the bass output of the SCM40, and the HTS40's low end approaches that of ATC's larger SCM100 system. This offers the end user extremely good value for money. The HTS40 three-way design features ATC's 75mm soft dome for exceptional midrange clarity and is suitable for main loudspeakers in larger rooms. The model employs a unique installer-configured vertical or horizontal mounting system. The HTS40 may also be used as a surround speaker in large rooms with larger ATC systems.
Shared acoustic design means ATC speakers sound very similar regardless of size, enabling the installer a wide range of model choices to suit room size, shape and budget--while maintaining ATC's signature sonic footprint. On-wall installation is easy via keyhole plates on the rear for secure wall mounting. Grilles matching the box color can be removed for behind-the-screen applications.

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� Visit the ATC website�or the Lone Mountain Audio website to learn more about the new HTS On-wall Series.
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