Published On: November 29, 2023

ATC Unveils New C4 Sub Mk 2 Subwoofer System

Published On: November 29, 2023
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ATC Unveils New C4 Sub Mk 2 Subwoofer System

Innovative design and enhanced performance mark the latest addition to ATC's subwoofer lineup

ATC Unveils New C4 Sub Mk 2 Subwoofer System

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The Acoustic Transducer Company (ATC), a renowned British HiFi brand, has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of audio systems—the ATC C4 Sub Mk 2 Active Subwoofer System. This new addition to ATC's lineup features a proprietary 12-inch driver, optimized motor mechanics, and a powerful 300W Class AB amplifier.

The ATC C4 Sub Mk 2 is designed to elevate the low-frequency response across ATC's range of active/passive speakers, including the SCM19, SCM20, SCM40, SCM50, and SCM100 models. The subwoofer introduces a host of improvements, such as a new 300-watt Class A/B amplifier and a custom-built 12-inch Sub-bass Driver, which, according to the company, outperforms its predecessor.

The heart of the system is the all-new SS75-314SC sub-bass driver, purpose-built for the ATC sub-bass system. The driver utilizes ATC's signature short-coil/long-gap configuration to its natural limits, featuring an exceptionally long 30mm magnetic gap surrounded by a massive 6-inch/150mm N48M Neodymium magnet—the most powerful ever assembled by ATC.

ATC C4 Sub Mk2 Subwoofer rear panel.

The redesigned motor system includes a new rubber roll surround for high excursion capability, an optimized spider for compliance geometry, and high-flow motor venting to minimize noise and compression. This configuration ensures that the voice coil remains within the motor structure, even at high drive levels, maximizing cooling, reducing power compression, and improving overall reliability.

The C4 Sub Mk 2 introduces an all-new 300W Class AB amplifier, precisely optimized to meet the requirements of the new driver. This amplifier design aims to deliver fast, dynamic bass with minimal coloration. Two balanced line inputs provide connectivity for stereo or AV/home cinema systems, while two balanced outputs allow users to feed partnering stereo loudspeakers or 'daisy-chain' multiple subs.

ATC C4 Sub Mk2 Subwoofer

Hand-built and finished at ATC's production headquarters in Stroud, the C4 Sub Mk 2 features a 70-liter cabinet with 25mm/1-inch thick panels and heavy bracing. The cabinet is available in various standard finishes, including Cherry, Black Ash, Walnut, and Oak real-wood veneers, as well as Satin Black and Satin White finishes. 

Premium options such as Rosewood, European Crown Cut Walnut, Burr Magnolia, and Pippy Oak are also available, along with high gloss over veneers and black/white piano lacquers.

The ATC C4 Sub Mk 2 Active Subwoofer is now available with a starting price of $5,999 for standard finishes. ATC also offers upgraded finishes, though specific costs for these enhancements for the US market are yet to be disclosed.

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