Atlantic Technology 10 CSB Corner Subwoofer Reviewed

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Atlantic Technology 10 CSB Corner Subwoofer Reviewed

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The most common misconception is that it doesn't matter where you place a subwoofer. But placement affects performance in substantial ways, and the quality of the bass response and sound pressure level resulting from being placed against a wall can be higher than when freestanding. The 10 CSB subwoofer takes that into account and to its advantage because it's made specifically to fit into the corner of a room. So, it can be unobtrusive while still kicking out the jams with a heavy foot.

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Now You Hear Me
The sub, which comes in basic black but can be painted to match the d├ęcor, comes with a self-contained 180 RMS amp. That creates a whole lot of shakin', yet still doesn't generate an overabundance of heat. It doesn't have to be butted right up against the wall to work either, but with 35 pounds working, once you set it down, your aching back will probably want it left where it is (don't forget to first add either the pads or carpet spikes). The curved shape creates some nice lines, but it's really designed more to disappear than stand out--though the sound it makes is commanding.

Behind the Scene
The back of the sub has every possible control you could ask for: from Variable level to Frequency to Phase controls, plus low-level and high-level inputs for integrating with most any amplification and satellite speaker combo. A Standby Switch automatically activates the sub when needed. Now at first, all of this might be a bit daunting to take in, but you will be rewarded for taking the time to work through the controls so that the sub matches your system.

Read more about the setup and performance of the 10 CSB on Page 2.

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