Published On: September 25, 2010

Atlantic Technology Announces Demonstration of AT-2 Bookshelf Speaker

Published On: September 25, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Atlantic Technology Announces Demonstration of AT-2 Bookshelf Speaker

Atlantic Technology will introduce a prototype of its latest bookshelf speaker design at CEDIA Expo 2010: the AT-2. The new system will feature H-PAS bass technology and has an interior acoustic volume of less than 1/2 -cubic foot and still delivers bass response down to 38Hz at -3dB.

Atlantic Technology Announces Demonstration of AT-2 Bookshelf Speaker

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Atlantic Technology will demonstrate a prototype bookshelf speaker design based on its H-PAS bass technology at the 2010 CEDIA Expo.


The prototype Atlantic Technology AT-2 has an interior acoustic volume of less than 1/2-cubic foot, yet it reportedly delivers bass response down to 38Hz at -3dB. This would be exceptional bass performance for such a small speaker.

Atlantic Technology's H-PAS technology, which was first demonstrated in prototype form last year at CEDIA, has been licensed to a range of loudspeaker and consumer electronics manufacturers. This technology is now available to consumers with the factory's mid-summer shipments of the first production Atlantic Technology AT-1 floor-standing loudspeakers.

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H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Clements Solus who first recognized that there were ways to beat the old Thiel-Small formulas, which for over 50 years have seemed to establish a fixed relationship between the cabinet size and bass response of loudspeakers. Engineers at Atlantic were able to codify Clements' discoveries and make it possible to apply H-PAS technology to a wide range of speaker designs.

The prototype version of Atlantic Technology's upcoming AT-2 bookshelf loudspeaker uses a single 5-1/4" long-excursion woofer and the same 1 1/8" Low Resonance Tweeter used in the AT-1. It has a crossover frequency of 2,100 Hz. The prototype cabinet dimensions are 8-3/4 inches wide by 15 5/8 inches high 12-1/4 inches deep (222 x 396 x 310mm).

Atlantic Technology expects to begin production Q4 with pricing TBA.

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