Published On: September 18, 2008

Atlantic Technology Debuts New In-wall Subwoofer

Published On: September 18, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Atlantic Technology Debuts New In-wall Subwoofer

Somebody had to do it. An in-wall subwoofer that can bring home theater and audiophile grade bass to those systems that can't support floorstanding speakers. Atlantic Technology's IWTS-28 SUB is the product and it can

Atlantic Technology Debuts New In-wall Subwoofer

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Atlantic-InwallSub.jpgAtlantic Technology has introduced a new passive in-wall subwoofer designed to deliver superior performance for custom installations. The IWTS-28 SUB uses dual 8-inch woofers, features a flexible set of connection and integration features, and will accommodate retro-fit installations in standard 2 4 wall cavities. An optional outboard monoblock amplifier, the 180 Watt SA-180, will also be introduced to power the new subwoofer.

"Retro-fit In-wall installations are notoriously challenging when it comes to deep-bass performance," said Atlantic Technology Marketing Director Steve Feinstein. "While there are extremely capable in-wall subwoofers available, such as our highly regarded SUB 8 system, they're usually designed for new construction projects, where you have complete access to the wall framing. The new IWTS-28 SUB is designed specifically for retro-fit installs, yet still delivers a level of performance comparable to our acclaimed freestanding subwoofer models."

The IWTS-28 SUB incorporates numerous features designed to maximize flexibility and ease of installation for custom installers. It includes two sets of jumpered input terminals (one for each driver), designed for use with the optional SA-180 amplifier, or any powerful monoblock power amplifier. Additionally, with the terminal jumper removed, an onboard low-pass filter network allows the speaker to be driven from the standard left/right speaker terminals of a stereo or multichannel receiver.

The IWTS-28 SUB installs in minutes in a wall cutout just 11-1/8 inches wide by 20-3/8 inches tall, and requires standard 2 4 wall depth. It uses the same grill/frame assembly and New Construction brackets as the company's IWCB-626, IWCB-727, and IWTS-30 LCR in-wall speakers, streamlining the timing for rough-in/painting as well as simplifying inventory maintenance for custom installers.

The Atlantic Technology IWTS-28 SUB will be available in the fourth quarter of 2008 at an estimated MSRP of $600.00 ea.

The optional Atlantic Technology SA 180 outboard is a class AB monoblock amplifier conservatively rated at 180 watts RMS. It features a switchable EQ circuit custom-tailored to optimize performance of the IWTS-28 SUB, automatic on-off function, and a front-panel Phase control, all in a compact chassis measuring just 2" tall, by 8 ½" W x 12 ½" D. It will be available shortly after the IWTS-28 SUB at a price to be announced.

For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit or call 781-762-6300.

Atlantic Technology
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