Published On: October 6, 2011

Atlantic Technology Upgrades FS-7 Soundbar

Published On: October 6, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Atlantic Technology Upgrades FS-7 Soundbar

Atlantic Technology has improved upon the company's FS-7 seven channel soundbar, both inside and out to make it even more enticing to consumers in search of more than the traditional 5 channels.

Atlantic Technology Upgrades FS-7 Soundbar

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Atlantic_Technology_FS-7_soundbar.jpgAtlantic Technology is now shipping a redesigned version of its FS-7 seven-channel home theater sound bar with a new look, improved acoustics, and higher performance. Like its predecessor, the new Atlantic Technology FS-7.1 has seven speaker-level inputs allowing for simple and direct connection to any seven-channel home theater receiver.

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While the new FS-7.1 looks quite different with its redesigned enclosure and grilles, the major improvements are under the hood. Now the surround drivers are angled forward for reportedly improved surround-sound effects in rooms even when the listening room doesn't have nearby side walls. The company also revoiced the crossover for more accurate sound and improved power-handling capabilities. It also boasts both keyhole and threaded inserts for easy mounting.

Like its predecessor, the FS-7.1 works best with a subwoofer, and Atlantic Technology upgraded that too. The new125-watt SB-900 subwoofer has a more powerful amplifier than the 100-watt SB-800, and an improved limiter that gives it the ability to play louder. Together, the FS-7.1 and SB-900 deliver a simple and capable two-box solution for outstanding 7-channel home theater.

The FS-7.1 and SB-900 are both available now, with MSRPs of $950 and $350 respectively.

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