Published On: July 3, 2011

Audez'e Edition Headphone System

Published On: July 3, 2011

Audez'e Edition Headphone System

Red Wine Audio, ALO Audio, and, of course, Audez'e, Inc. have teamed up to offer a headphone system for the not only the headphone enthusiast, but the headphone connoisseur.


With thousands sold, Audez'e Inc. has become a top pick by headphone enthusiasts. Audez'e's sound did not escape Red Wine Audio's founder...

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"Since meeting Alex two years ago, I've been amazed by his headphones. From first listen I was determined to build an amp optimized for their unique design," says Vinnie Rossi, President of Red Wine Audio.

For Rossi that meant upgrading his Isabellina HPA (headphone amp / DAC) to support a new balanced design. But there's more than technology behind the sound. For the newly announced headphone system, the three companies shared a common goal: Get the most from Audeze's planar headphones.

In coming months Rosson provided input on several iterations of Rossi's new amp, along with a handful of cable designs. As the relationship matured, Rosson decided to partner and co-brand the entire system.

A chain is only as good as its weakest link. That's where ALO Audio comes on the scene.

"When Vinnie and Alex asked me to participate, I was very excited," says Ken Ball, owner of ALO Audio. Ball adds, "over the past six months I've pushed the envelope - experimenting with a variety of cables to create something ideally suited for this combination of products."

Designed to optimize sound for Audez'e planer magnetic technology, the system includes:

· Audez'e headphones
· Red Wine Audio's new Audez'e Edition amp / DAC
· ALO Audio's new balanced Audez'e headphone cable
· Custom carrying case

There is a price tag of $4,900 for complete system, including headphones, may be ordered directly from Audez'e, Inc. or ALO Audio.

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