AudiAV Crystal Rack Reviewed

AudiAV Crystal Rack Reviewed

Ahh... Audiophile exotica defined. The AudiAV rack is about as hardcore as one can get when installing their audiophile gear. This American made equipment rack, made by Jarred Poiry, is extreme beyond belief with custom racks and stunning build quality. Dr. Taraszka loves this brand.

AudiAV-Crystal-Rack.jpgA good AV rack must accomplish many goals.  First, it must be strong as most of today's high-end audiophile and home theater gear is downright heavy.  Second, it must ensure that each component is isolated as much as possible from the others in the rack.  Third, it must be able to suit any system, including different system configurations.  AudiAV makes an entire line of racks that can do all this and more.  AudiAV racks are not off-the-shelf items; instead, you contact them, give them a list of your gear, and go through the various options of platforms, from the basic standard plinth, up to Master Signature shelving with magnetic interference blocking.  A two-foot-tall, two-shelf rack costs $2,788 while a six-foot-six shelf version starts at just under five thousand.  This is before adding on any options like Signature or Master Signature shelves, each of which can come with granite or carbon fiber tops to match your needs and design style.

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The AudiAV rack is not for the timid. This is an all-out assault on component shelving, and each rack is custom designed by you and the AudiAV team to perfectly suit your system.  The beauty of their design is that each shelf is infinitely adjustable, allowing the rack to perfectly adapt to any system, now or in the future.  Should your system grow, you can always add on new shelves, upgrade the shelves for more isolation, or add on to the sides of the unit you already own.  Additions can attach at intervals of 45 degrees, allowing one to easily make a full AV shelving system from these racks.

High Points
The infinite adjustability of these racks, as well as their expandability, make these racks you can live with forever, while the options for isolation and interference blocking make them totally customizable to mate with your system.
The simple and basic look gives them a simple elegance, while the large size makes them a powerful statement.
Due to their super-high tolerances, these racks piece together like no other I have seen. The connectors AudiAV use are simply amazing, simple to use yet ultra-strong.  Should one fail, they are easily replaceable.

Low Points
You can get lost in the multitude of options available and have a hard time settling on the one design that is most right for you.
These racks are heavy due to their build quality and possible size, so be sure to have solid flooring below yours.

The AudiAV Crystal rack is the finest rack I have ever found, and one I expect to use for years to come.  These racks are beautiful, solid and infinitely adjustable, making them adapt to any changes in your system, while the shelving options allow you to further customize the racks to suit your needs, now and in the future.

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