Published On: December 30, 2010

Audio Plus Services Launches Devialet into North America

Published On: December 30, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Audio Plus Services Launches Devialet into North America

Audio Plus Services has expanded their product lines by adding the Devialet amplifier. In addition to an incredibly beautiful polished industrial design, the amplifier features some impressive features.

Audio Plus Services Launches Devialet into North America

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Audio Plus Services just announced an addition to their family of brands. Effective immediately, Devialet, a new audio brand from France, will be offered through the exclusive Audio Plus network of authorized dealers in North America.

ADH (Analog/Digital Hybrid) is a new and patented form of amplification developed by Devialet. It is this proprietary technology that enables products like the company's flagship D-Premier to be so slim, yet deliver so much power reportedly.

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ADH combines Class A operation with Class D, operating in parallel one with the other.
Class A amplifiers are usually comparatively large, consume lots of power, run very hot, and aren't particularly powerful (in terms of current delivery). Class D amplification, meanwhile, can deliver prodigious amounts of current from a relatively compact, cool-running chassis. Yet while resolution can be excellent, Class D is often criticized for sounding 'cold' and weak in terms of bass depth and quality.

By combining Class A and Class D, Devialet claims they have created electronics that deliver tremendous loudspeaker control and dynamic authority, yet the character of the sound you hear is pure Class A refinement.

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