Published On: June 3, 2011

Audio Pro's LV2 Delivers Wireless High End Audio

Published On: June 3, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Audio Pro's LV2 Delivers Wireless High End Audio

Audio Pro has created the LV2 as a solution for the new world of digital storage of music. With unique, expandable technology, as well as the AceBass technology, the LV2 promises to be an audiophile grade solution.

Audio Pro's LV2 Delivers Wireless High End Audio

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Audio_Pro_LV2_wireless_bookshelf_speakers.gifIn a time when music is increasingly stored on digital devices, there has been a noticeable shortage in simple solutions to playing digital audio files on high-end loudspeakers. With this fact in mind Audio Pro, developers of AceBass technology, have presented the LV2 wireless loudspeakers. Set-up with the LV2 stereo pair takes moments, the number of speakers per network is expandable, and the sound quality is designed to please even the seasoned audiophile listener.

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The LV2 loudspeakers deliver high quality wireless sound, reportedly without interference or audible delays. The LV2 active digital speakers utilize 4x25w digital amplification, 4.5" woofer drivers with AceBass technology, DSP controls and built-in wireless receivers with a range of up to 300 feet in line of sight applications and 70-160 feet in room to room installations.

Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, the LV2 stereo pair ships with an included TX-100 wireless USB transmitter that can also connect to any device with a line-out or headphone out connection and has flexible multi-room broadcasting capabilities. Because the wireless transmitter requires no software download, the LV2 can be considered a plug and play. Volume control is managed with the LV series remote that features master and zone volume control capabilities.

The LV2 is available in black and white leather finishes and retails for $1,000.00 per pair.

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