Published On: August 20, 2020

Audio Research Releases 50th Anniversary Book

Published On: August 20, 2020
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Audio Research Releases 50th Anniversary Book

The company is celebrating the milestone with a new coffee table book that details its history in words and rare photos

Audio Research Releases 50th Anniversary Book

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It's not what we'd typically think of as a great "beach book," but Audio Research's new coffee table tome should be fascinating to audiophiles and fans of the company's products. Audio Research: Making the Music Glow provides readers with an in-depth look at the company's rich history, and its design processes and manufacturing. The book -- which is being released to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary -- has a narrative that stretches from Audio Research's founding and features rare images and a full product listing from the company.

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Here's more about the new book:

Audio_Research-Making_the_Music_Glow_covers.jpgAudio Research is honored to partner with author Ken Kessler in releasing a book timed to the company's 50th anniversary. Entitled, "Audio Research: Making the Music Glow", the book describes the people behind the company, designing, manufacturing, fine-tuning, and marketing the audio amplification and source components that have been regarded perpetually as among the best in the industry.

Celebrating its first half-century, the book tells the story of a manufacturer that helped define high-end audio, with the sole purpose of elevating the sound quality of music in the home. William Zane "Bill" Johnson established Audio Research in 1970, basing its products on what was then considered by many to be obsolete technology: vacuum tubes. Guided by his passion for music and quality listening with a refusal to fall victim to fashion and design trends of the times, Johnson was revolutionary in sound reproduction.

"This isn't just any book," said Audio Research CEO Jeff Poggi, "The 'reference' quality history of Audio Research, authentic and honest in its storytelling is 'hi-definition' in content, art, and execution. It needed to bring Bill Johnson's passion, creativity, and dedication to life, showcasing how Bill's legacy lives on in the people and products that ARC continues to live and breathe today. Now more than ever, this book feels so right - it endures, it is timeless, it is the perfect reflection of an Audio Research product in that it will last a lifetime."

With open access to the company's archives, the participation of employees, and the support and insights of Bill's wife, Nancy, "Audio Research: Making the Music Glow" is filled with rare images, curated reprints of period interviews, the definitive product listing, and a study of what the experts have determined to be the company's 25 greatest achievements, augmented by fresh photography of each model. Within the pages are the stories of the company's roots, its development, its evolution, and its tenacious hold on delivering industry standard in music playback.

Making the Music Glow Anniverary book is priced at $150.00 MSRP and will be available through authorized Audio Research dealers and online at

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