Published On: October 21, 2020

Audio-Technica's New Phono Preamp Is Built for Better Performance

Published On: October 21, 2020
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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Audio-Technica's New Phono Preamp Is Built for Better Performance

The new AT-PEQ30 phono equalizer has a selectable moving magnet and moving coil input and features all-metal construction for superior isolation from EMI and RFI interference

Audio-Technica's New Phono Preamp Is Built for Better Performance

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Upgrade your turntable setup with AudioTechnica's new AT-PEQ30 phono equalizer, a sleek upgrade from your turntable's built-in phono preamp. With support for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges, the AT-PEQ30 also features all-metal construction for superior isolation from EMI and RFI interference. Available now, the AT-PEQ30 retails for $229.

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Audio-Technica today announced the introduction of its AT-PEQ30 phono equalizer, designed to add a phono stage to a turntable setup or to serve as an upgrade from a turntable's built-in phono preamp. The AT-PEQ30 accommodates MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) phono cartridges and is designed for superlative sound quality.

"Our new AT-PEQ30 is ideal for users who need a great-sounding phono stage for use with a turntable that doesn't have a built-in phono preamp," noted Bob Peet, Audio-Technica US Marketing Manager. "It's also a high-value solution for listeners who want to upgrade from their turntable's built-in phono preamp and enjoy improved sound quality from their record collections."

The Audio-Technica AT-PEQ30 offers a selectable MM and MC input with a fixed gain of 35 dB (MM) or 59 dB (MC). Its input impedance is 47 kiloohms for MM and 120 ohms for MC, for compatibility with a wide range of phono cartridges. The AT-PEQ30 delivers a 250 mV line-level output for both MM and MC cartridges.

The AT-PEQ30 is built from premium-quality precision components, with a machined aluminum front panel, gold-plated input and output connectors and other refinements. Its FET inputs ensure low noise and precise RIAA equalization with a smooth, accurate tonal balance from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Measuring just 1.9 inches high by 7.8 inches wide by 4.9 inches deep for easy installation in any system, the AT-PEQ30's all-metal construction provides superior isolation from outside electronic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI).

The Audio-Technica AT-PEQ30 phono equalizer is currently available at a suggested retail price of US$229.

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