Published On: March 22, 2010

Audiophile Darling, Benchmark Media, Celebrates 25 Years of Pro Audio

Published On: March 22, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Audiophile Darling, Benchmark Media, Celebrates 25 Years of Pro Audio

Clients looking for audiophile bargains with pro audio results look to brands like Benchmark Media. Their Digital to Analog converters can make an iPod or AppleTV sound downright reasonable compared to the internal DACs

Audiophile Darling, Benchmark Media, Celebrates 25 Years of Pro Audio

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BenchmarkMediaHDR-1.gifBenchmark Media Systems, Inc is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Benchmark is a leading provider of high-precision audio equipment to recording studios, broadcasters, sound reinforcement contractors, and audiophiles.


Benchmark was founded by Allen H. Burdick in 1985 when "he saw the need for high-performance audio components in broadcast signal chains," says Rory Rall, Benchmark's longtime sales manager. "The first set of audio distribution and microphone pre-amplifier products quickly gained recognition in the industry and earned many accolades." Benchmark's broadcasting equipment is currently used by CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, and many others. Rall explains that "the metaphorical tree of Benchmark's history has its roots in broadcasting, its trunk in professional recording, and its branches in hi-fi."

By the late 90's, recording professionals began to discover Benchmark's digital converters and microphone pre-amplifiers. Applications engineer Elias Gwinn remarks, "Benchmark's position in the music recording industry was solidified after developing innovative digital clock systems that were immune to jitter and its resulting distortion - a significant issue in digital conversion." Benchmark's digital converters, such as the DAC1, were first embraced by mastering engineers. This spread into recording studios where tracking and mixing engineers also began using Benchmark converters. Shortly there after, the DAC1 gained popularity among audiophiles. Benchmark's products have been recognized internationally with many pro-audio and hi-fi awards.

"Looking toward the future, Benchmark is focused on delivering products to both professional and audiophile markets," says John Siau, VP of Benchmark Media Systems. "We will continue to provide the highest quality audio equipment to those who create and enjoy top-quality recordings. We plan to integrate our tradition of high-precision audio with the newest technologies. It is our goal to assure that music is translated as truthfully as possible, whether people are creating in the studio or listening via computers, portable music players, smart phones, Blu-ray, DVD, or digital television. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Syracuse, New York USA. We are strongly committed to keeping these operations in Central New York."

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