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  • Anker Soundcore Q30 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

    Does the The Anker Soundcore Q30 hold its own against newer headphones? It turns out comfort and 40-hour battery life never go out of date.

  • Reviewed - Fluance Ai41 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

    The Ai41 Powered Bookshelf Speakers offer great sound and connectivity options that should satisfy most listeners.

  • Tribit FlyBuds 1 True Wireless Earbuds

    With an IPX8 waterproof rating, generous fitting options, and excellent battery life, the Tribit FlyBuds 1 true wireless earbuds deliver incredible bang (and boom!) for the buck.

  • Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Reviewed

    This smart yet simple one-piece solution delivers a great upgrade your TV sound, especially if you value simple setup and enhanced dialogue intelligibility

  • Review: Tribit QuietPlus 78 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Tribit quiets the competition with a high-value, feature-packed wireless headset with active noise cancelling

  • SVS SB-1000 Pro and PB-1000 Pro Subwoofers Review

    The new SVS 1000 Pro Series subwoofers deliver more powerful bass and offer more configuration options than we're accustomed to seeing at this price.

  • Tribit XSound Go, StormBox Micro Portable Wireless Speakers Review

    The Tribits XSound Go ($32.99) and StormBox Micro ($49.99) wireless speakers deliver impressive sound in portable, hand-sized form. Both offer affordable, waterproof Bluetooth wireless functionality with excellent battery life.

  • First Look: SVS SB-1000, PB-1000 Pro Subwoofers

    SVS's new 1000 Pro Series subwoofers deliver a level of performance and connectivity you just don't expect at this price.

  • Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar Review

    Yamaha’s affordable two-piece delivers good bass and works well for music and movies alike.

  • Amphion Argon1 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review

    Amphion Argon1 speakers deliver pure audio bliss for your desktop system, two-channel stereo listening space, or as part of a surround sound system for movies, TV, and gaming.

  • Soundcore Spirit X2 True-Wireless Sport Earphone Review

    Scott says the the Soundcore Spirit X2 offer a compelling feature set at a great price compared with most of its sports-focused true wireless competition.

  • Urbanista London True Wireless Earphones Review

    Scott says the Urbanista London, the most affordable true wireless earphones available with active noise cancellation, deliver where it counts.

  • Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earphones Review

    Soundcore's Liberty 2 Pro ($149.99) falls into the true wireless earphone continuum that exists between the super high-end and the downright budget-oriented. They occupy much the same territory as...

  • Urbanista Athens True Wireless Earphones Review

    Scott says Urbanista's Athens True Wireless offers exceptional features and benefits for not a lot more money, although the lack of an app or EQ functionality may be a...

  • Definitive Technology SuperCube 6000 Subwoofer Reviewed

    Scott Schumer says it at if you don't have too big a room, DefTech's little SuperCube 6000 deliver a lot of bang (and kaboom) for the buck.

  • SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer Reviewed

    SVS may have solidified a name for itself with its Prime and Ultra speakers, wireless audio products, and accessories, but these lines could disappear tomorrow and the brand's reputation...

  • MartinLogan Dynamo 600X Subwoofer Reviewed

    Perfect for small rooms that need some help in the bass department, the Dynamo 600X boasts full app control and Anthem Room Correction capabilities.

  • How Music Triggers Memories

    There is perhaps no greater nostalgia machine than music. But Scott Schumer ponders just how much of the formative listening experience we need to recreate to fully transport ourselves...

  • MartinLogan Motion 4i Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

    The newly redesigned Motion 4i features a fresh yet familiar aesthetic design with some refined touches, as well as a redesigned crossover that elevates performance above the original, released...

  • Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones Reviewed

    Looking for a pair of wireless cans with the right mix of comfort, features, and performance? Scott Schumer tests out the Sony WH-1000XM2 and finds it stands toe-to-toe against...

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