Published On: April 17, 2011

Auton Motorized Systems Give TV Lift Guidance

Published On: April 17, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Auton Motorized Systems Give TV Lift Guidance

Read about Auton's new television lift and how it fits into the hierarchy of available lifts, and provides an option that the other types of models do not, allowing a hidden lift that doesn't require any kind of installation.

Auton Motorized Systems Give TV Lift Guidance

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auton-brand-page-logo.gifAs big screen, flat panel televisions continue to drop in price, rise in resolution, and offer new capabilities such as 3D, they're spreading to virtually every room of the house--not just for TV and video, but also for video gaming, computer screens, Internet surfing, and more.

But there's a problem: whether a big screen TV is plasma, LCD, or LED, when not in use the screen can disturb a room's decor. Given this, AV integrators are being asked by clients to remove the visual clutter of unused big screen TVs.

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According to Auton Motorized systems, here's what you need to know to effectively hide big screen TVs.

Behind a painting or mirror
A panel lift raises a painting or mirror out of the way to expose the hidden TV for viewing, and lowers the painting or mirror back again when the TV is off. TV lifts can also move paintings or mirrors horizontally, depending on wall space.

Some TV lifts completely conceal a plasma or LCD TV within a slim, wall-mounted, wooden frame, which eliminates the need for a permanent hole in the wall.

Read about different kinds of TV lifts on Page 2.

Auton_Dream_Machine_TV_lift.gifCeiling flip down or drop down
When wall space is limited, ceiling flip down or drop down TV lifts can
be an answer, as they allow for more flexibility in room
configurations. Ceiling flip down lifts support the TV along one
horizontal edge with hinge-like arms, and allow the other edge to pivot
down from the ceiling to a vertical viewing position.

Ceiling drop down lifts lower the TV straight down from the ceiling in
a supportive enclosure, and raise the TV back up into the ceiling when
the TV is off.

In-cabinet or dresser
To hide a TV until it's ready for use, the cabinetmaker can design
custom cabinetry around a motorized lift. Typically, the cabinet will
need about 4" of space beyond the TV's dimensions for the TV lift, and
enough interior space to accommodate it.

Some TV lifts can accommodate big screens over 120" and if needed, the
lift can actually raise the cabinet and TV from under the floor. A good
cabinetmaker can also take apart, design, and re-build antique
cabinetry around a motorized TV lift when asked to do so.

Under the bed
Under-the-bed TV lifts minimize visual clutter by preserving wall space
and panoramic window views. This new type of TV lift, such as the Dream
Machine by Auton Motorized Systems,
fits under the bed frame and operates with a wireless remote. It allows
the user to slide the TV from under the bed and raise it to their ideal
viewing position in seconds. From that position, the TV can swivel 360
degrees (180 degrees in each direction) allowing it to be viewed from
anywhere in the room.

Unlike wall-mounted TVs or other TV lifts, the under-the-bed TV lift
requires no installation. At 9" high, it rolls under any standard king,
queen, full or twin-sized bed frame and plugs into a standard outlet.

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